Can we not take responsibility?



what a beast ,and can it be avoided?

?not to take?

to pass it on?

in theory, it seems to be possible)

but in fact

responsibility is a feedback you from the world and people on your actions or inaction.

is it possible to avoid?

if you like to whine - your responsibility will be in your Real boring life, a boring environment and lack of joy ,success and health

if you like lazy, it is your responsibility in the Real world ,would be the lack of energy in you ,and the lack of you do and the desired result

if you curse at all, how would you other responsibility is not shifted is your responsibility ,a priori ,will broken relationships and loneliness.

if you don't care about your body, do not sleep, eat incorrectly, etc. and etc

it is your responsibility (even if you don't take her) will be so painful, flaccid ,rigid, anxious and tired body.

is it possible not to take responsibility?)


you can keep telling yourself that, and even to tell everyone that all your problems are to blame parents, the world, the country, the weather, friends, times etc

but will fly it just you)

arrive in the form of events and emotions in your life, whatever you may say ,and no thought. How would you in this case ,all what you have explained.

you feel better, if liability is your score on each stage of your individual lives.)

the result of all the articles of your responsibility and irresponsibility will have you!!!

so is it possible not to take on that same responsibility, which is so often we say, psychologists?

I think not

it is possible to deceive ourselves and create internal and external conflict, which will only increase your liability and complicate it at times

so maybe just take her for his life ,and begin to act on that?)

you decide! Of course you and every step )

I just know that we are always choosing ,and not choosing is also a choice! I choose consciously to choose, even if it is difficult and there are no guarantees. And you?

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