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Today, there are many "official" theory of the origin of cancer. They describe the impact of viruses, mutations and carcinogens as a starting factor. But if you look at "cancer" to persons, observe the ways of dealing with stress, emotional landscape, against which a disease occurs, it becomes obvious the problem of cancer psychological roots.

"job" of an organism

the attempt to relate the cancer and the emotional sphere is not new – the issue was even the ancient Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen. Galen wrote that cheerfulness is a natural prevention of cancer. Creating a doctrine of types of temperament, Hippocrates first asserted the thesis about psychosomatic unity. He said that many diseases are determined by internal processes. Later, this view received confirmation. It is proved that the condition of the emotional sphere significantly affect immune and endocrine systems of the body. Psychosomatic disease occurs when this influence becomes too strong.
Ancient Chinese medicine regarded the tumor as a result of the accumulation and stagnation of blood and vital energy. Malignant tumors were characterized as insensitive clusters, that is, devoid of life, alien to the body. Therefore, their treatment was not only used drugs affecting the tumor itself, but also practiced the Tao as a way to change the style of life.

Stone heart

Known cancer metaphor – "stone heart". Over time, if not remove, the stone turns into a tumor. In the case of Oncology there is a transition from external psychological problems to the inner – somatic. The organ that is damaged by tumor, symbolizes external dangers do not get to fight in an adequate way. Oncology is actually a capitulation, a shift of the problem from the realm of personal responsibility towards taking care of: "now Let my problem get to a doctor, I can't do it".
What starts the cancer response? Reference point becomes the trauma of the event, after which it is impossible to live as before. She seems to divide life into "before" and "after", and the person breaks down on dotravmaticheskoe and after a traumatic. Adequately experienced a traumatic event allows you to live in the changed conditions. But if we ignore reality, not accept it, the body can begin to form a tumor. To close her eyes no longer work.

Between the crocodile and the lion

For "traumatic" equations need the following conditions: first, the principles, attitudes and rules by which the structuring of life and, second, the embeddedness in events with these principles at some point begins to disperse.
for Example, a male emotionally involved in a romantic relationship with an "unsuitable" from the point of view of the relatives of the girl. For some time the loyalty of the parent system will keep him in a stable relationship "between the crocodile and the lion," but one day he will have to make a choice – to follow their desires or to abandon them. The betrayal itself is a vivid example of chronic trauma.
Acute injury occurs as a response to the detection of any reality whose existence is in contradiction with existing representations. The discovery of reality hurts. For example, a woman who grew up in a very strict family, suddenly finds himself in sexual desire that threaten her own identity: "I am a good daughter, an exemplary spouse." And then you can either be thankful for finding something that was not available, or include a powerful repressive mechanisms aimed at the expulsion of the psyche outrageous information. However, these mechanisms don't work as well as stick-zabavushka from the movie "Men in black" and therefore expelled from the consciousness information is always returned, though on a somatic level.

Change or die

Often we can observe a situation in which the individual is actually a "clone" of the other. He doesn't understand what he's got desire. Instead, it translates the desire of another as your own or donates the claims in exchange for guaranteed consistency in a relationship. That is the phenomenon dependent relationship, when the emptiness inside is filled with active activities in the periphery and one of the partners is forced to abandon yourself in favor of another, believing that his life is more important and more valuable than your own.
the Dependent is a dangerous relationship that ends, leaving one of the partners in a state of total loneliness, when there is no possibility to rely on himself. In this situation takes a whole life, which lined up around the relationship. Typical personal reaction to such experiences is the feeling of helplessness and despair, when discouraged and force anything to do. And it was at this point more than ever you need to move on.
Symbolically the message body in the form of a cancer response is: "Change or die". Some time a person stays at a standstill, when the solution to the old ways could not be found. And then remains either to explore new opportunities, or as a solution to resort to physical care.
we are All aware of the situation in which a person suddenly loses the meaning of life. This often happens in times of crisis – the entrepreneur loses a business, a politician to retire, children grow up and start their own families. If life ends here, the tumor is just "voiced" decision, which a man unconsciously adopted. And then, the same tumor puts before them new condition if you want to live, we should do it happily. It is necessary to understand what makes you alive and free for this place in my life.

the Suppression of vitality

Revive someone, maybe a hobby – often completely useless and meaningless thing from the point of view of achievements and success. But it appears a space free from obligations and duty, space worries about his emotional state.
to Defend their interests helps and openly manifested aggression is a universal way of building personal boundaries. It is often suppressed out of fear to hurt another and not be isolated. But it's in vain. The inability to sustain a conflict situation creates chronic stress. And on the contrary – constructive clarification of the relations strongly promotes people in terms of understanding and allows you to acquire new skills and opportunities.
the Inability to be oneself, the rejection of the experiences of self-authenticity, a choice of comfortable and comfortable about identity in parallel occurs at the somatic level. The tumor cell becomes a stranger to the tissue in which it originated, it divides uncontrollably and reaches other organs. And then replacing the healthy cells and takes their place. It is quite clear the message body: "once you made the wrong choice and are now reaping the results." But it's never too late to fix it.


in order to gain greater stability in support themselves, you must look around and ask yourself a few questions:
– What is happening in my life?
– do I Like what is happening?
– What are the values I support – ordered society, or those that resonate with my most intimate and tender wishes?
– When I make a choice then seek to avoid anxiety or to try something new?
– as far As I are free in their ability to do what you want?

Remember that the neoplasm is a reaction to "stuck" in past emotions and unfinished situations. Try to see what neprejete event makes you highly sensitive or overly insensitive. Do you have life experience, which still can not speak without tears? What keeps you in emotion and does not move further depleting your body and taking away life energy?

Emotions remain frozen just in case if we are to protect the damaged area of the soul. Changes occur when changing attitude. But you need to turn around to face a difficult situation and finish what determines its emotional content. For example, to forgive and survive the insult, let the person who is long gone, accept the loss, to assert its desire to live in the here and now.
Such practices were not only released from the accumulated stress, but also strengthen our conviction that what is happening in your life depends entirely on yourself. And that in itself is a very healthful idea.

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