Cancer personality


Kantserofobiey (fear of cancer) is one of the most frequent fears in my practice. First, some introductory theory about how anxiety becomes fear. Alarm – undifferentiated expectation of threat, prolonged exposure to it is extremely difficult, so draining all the resources of the body. Attention needs to be focused all around, not to miss a threat. Thus the appropriate response to a real threat is absent, as in this moment is not enough adaptive capabilities of the organism. Affected with chronic anxiety people often have accidents, which in turn intensifies the anxiety.

Therefore, to focus on one thing, each person seeks the alarm to turn in fear – experience threat related to a particular subject. What we fear often comes from past experiences or from the stories of others, or from news reports. Sometimes, the fear at first glance seems unexpected and incomprehensible, but it is important to understand that the specification alarm occurs only for attempts to facilitate, and thus increase the chances of survival. Fear comes in waves, anxiety is present in its entirety.

Why are people often afraid of cancer? Well, first, it's really a frightening diagnosis, who somehow met in personal experience. Secondly, die from it. Thirdly, as a rule, can be successfully cured by discovering it in the early stages, so a fairly high degree of control: "If every month to be checked, I will save myself from death."

Anxiety is different, looking at it through the prism of different approaches, but if you really forgive, it is a passion of terror, one of the first affects that is present already in the newborn, responsible for physical survival, and later for the safety of the person, its permanence. Anxiety adulthood appears when something tries to destroy our identity, beliefs about yourself or the world in which we live. In fact the personality is destroyed in every period of crisis, to meet again in a new capacity.

What happens when we held on growth and change? This state I called cancer personality. Most people with chronic anxiety affected them. Let's understand, what is it? Cancer cells divide uncontrollable and slowly capture the healthy cells, interfering with their function. Our personality is shaped in such a way that initially, we absorb other people's personalities, other people's rules of life, other people's ideas about ourselves, but to grow, we need to do something with this information: part discard as unsuitable to us, part transform, part assign, to absorb. The result is I'm unique, I checked in the reactions on a particular situation in their activity, and again adjust, adjust. Not immediately, of course, and when you accumulate enough views, different from what I experience. And the crisis comes as the crucible reforge me again.

But sometimes even in adulthood people can try to live exclusively by someone else's rules, soaking up and absorbing them into itself. Or stubbornly holding on to from childhood and not editing. Already there is no space, there is no feeling of myself, feelings, emotions, only thoughts, thoughts, contradictory, fragmented. The eternal debate inside. The dispute allegedly with himself, and in fact an internal conversation grandmothers and mothers, who fought all his childhood about how I am, and never came to a consensus. It all becomes a broken record, Groundhog day. Life loses its meaning, sharpness, and novelty. The degree of mental pain can be so strong that the way out is only suicide.

Cancer personality is the overcrowding of external ideas about themselves, the world, rules of conduct that were not my own, but to get rid of them failed. In gestaltists: undigested mass of fossilized interactiv.

Cancer is treated by destroying the cancer cells, trying to keep healthy. Cancer personality is not so easy, because "other voices" is a saved link to those, whose love was very important, or is important now. Many many times in the process of deliverance the person will meet up with my horror – and to find himself alive. And again. And again. Sometimes tens, or even hundreds of times. For the sake of continuing life, its freshness and variability, its freedom and surprises. Flies onion peel, the wall between the world and themselves destroyed, sometimes in very thin, fragile sprout that just needed oxygen, light and water, free access to them. And then he'll be fine.

Tatyana Demyanenko
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