career Guidance. When can I start?

Parents often ask this question. And are surprised by the answer. If we are talking about testing, earlier 14 — 15 years it is rather useless. Because the adolescent mind is still very active and changeable. Our hero turns his head in all directions, and it's wonderful. He wants it all, even sticking his nose in the air and ballet at the same time. Let every day he surprises you with his final choice of profession: chef, doctor, stylist and Opera singer alternately. This search activity he is now vital. It was through her he gets the experience of free choice and responsibility for that choice. Let trying on the many features and learns not to be afraid of such freedom. Later in a year or two, we certainly will test it. Then, when he'll already know the results of the test to respond not as a prediction of the shaman, and how to information for reflections. Listening to himself, agreeing with the findings of the psychologist or not taking them.But it is, in fact, already the final stage of the process. If you think about it, career guidance (such a boring state-owned word) is the task of childhood, when we step by step we form the maturing of our baby the ability to understand their needs, their desires and interests. When we cultivate in him a curiosity to the world, first and independence second. Extremely important words: I CAN. Not in 14 years to come this experience. The earliest, most fragile moments of childhood, filled with the joy of their own creations accumulated in our Teens experience the value of effort and their results. What we will later call the joy of work. If the children were not inherent to the work, we will see on the test in high school, those empty, blank stare and comments about the rich husband and easy money on the Internet. Who needs the results of such testing, I don't know. And, as if we didn't all comes back to us parents. We orientate our children? What values are imparted? What skills formed? Does our child have the right to want something of his? If he hears from us the most important words: You can do it!

Olga Pchelnikova
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