Recently a client that we worked very differently request came with a problem - sore and numb left arm for a year.

the Woman turned to the doctor - the neurologist, an MRI of the neck did, but he said it was pure psychosomatic - You to the psychologist.

they Began to understand - to find the cause.

And we leave the episode is in 10 years my client has a very sore knee. But her mother absolutely did not believe. External damage to the knee was not a sports girl does... And somehow my grandmother's house - mom says to get the bobbin in, it rolled under the table. The girl falls to her knees , from under the tablecloth to get her and get the pain - the tears gush from her eyes. Alarmed first grandma, for her and mom - so not to portray....

Rushed to the doctors and was diagnosed with the disease Shlyattera is the detachment of the periosteum in the knee. Then the long and difficult treating this disease. Cured.

But what Mama did not believe - was left inside the little man. In fact, with bitterness, uselessness, neglect and lack of love we worked in the children's episode. Managed to remember all the emotions in this story and work with them - because sometimes it is difficult to remember a difficult past entirely and you have to "bite off a piece".

Unusually, at the end of a session, a client almost a half - hour asking me the same question : "why do we have all this heavy thinking?" I say to not hurt. She again- "there's not good and it was painful?" I again about the hand. The client realized that her head was like two people - one kind understands things and the other doesn't. Because the resistance is a property of our mind to protect us from the bad...

the Most unexpected and pleasant – what a pain in the hand held. In one session, this happens rarely, usually requires more time to search and work with the cause of the disease.

Published with the permission of the client, which I am very grateful for the courage to go to the child's internal injury and for permission to share her case by posting it.

Avetikova Eugene
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