Case study: if the game?



Six-year-old in recent months, gets a strange game with her cousin. They tatami measure, the hospital they have some kind of strange, with his pants down. After she is scolded grandmother, was hiding. After all understand what he is doing is bad and still continues. How to talk to her, to make her understand that these games are not right for her age?

Your daughter's going through the phallic stage of psychosexual development and her interest in the body, your own feelings from various influences is quite natural. Another thing is that now the actions and words of adults develop in girls the belief that sexuality is something unacceptable, indecent, filthy, stupid.

To resolve the situation could be optimal the following way:

1. Interest in the bodily manifestations is, the daughter is striving to get answers to their empirical questions empirically. To stop now, her interest will not work. If You scolded her for showing such interest, it does not cease to be interested, she will try not to get caught. And as you know, if you can't stop the mess, it is best to lead. Buy the encyclopedia on the structure of the human body. Look through it before going to sleep with a child. Start the conversation with what You think she's got a lot of questions about how people, are You ready to answer them. You have prepared for that. You bought the book and read it. If you have questions that You do not know the answer, You will hear them, maybe even write down, take the time to think and answer later.

2. In the first paragraph You satisfy the curiosity and thematically build a trusting relationship with the daughter. It's important on such a complex subject as sexual development, becoming older daughter with questions went to You and not to classmates or social networks.

3. Further, it is important to talk about the rules in our society are connected with the body and bodily manifestations. For example, we have not decided to publicly expose myself. And not made publicly expressing emotions: you can gently touch his lips to her cheek in parting, but tight hug and a long kiss is better at home or in another secluded room. To you nobody has the right to touch you if you didn't want: neither adults, nor the children. Your body is the temple of your soul, it's just for you. So if you don't like something about you, your body, you can stop this by any means. The rulebook goes on. You can discuss with the adults, whom You trust, and then to name her daughter.

4. It is important for you to remain calm during this conversation, whatever questions daughter no asked. You can drink Valerian to preserve mental equilibrium. If at some point you will feel that peace of mind save fails, you can take a break, I need a minute to gather my thoughts.

the point is not that such games are not suitable for children of this age, and that forcing them to bear games the younger children, they may violate their right to privacy. Therefore, the interest to better respond, asking questions of the mother.

Berdnikova Anna
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