Case study or as tells us our soul


Once I was approached by a client with a request that she very much wants to live. To live in the truest sense of the word.

As it turned out the client was at that time a difficult marriage, a year ago survived the betrayal.

After infidelity for a very long time came to himself, recovered, and is now on her suddenly leaving her husband.

For her it was a shock in the truest sense of the word. Old untreated injury intensified, they superimposed new as it was terrible. There were thoughts of suicide including, the earth went from under his feet:

- I can not do without a husband, I don't know how to live I'm helpless without him, I just die.... But I so much want to live, save me!

Also, at the beginning of our meetings she said that for a long time, but rather throughout her life, she was concerned one and the same dream.

Almost every day she dreams of her dead grandmother in dream grandmother always alive. Grandma appears in different situations, he is alive and that is a smile, then sad, then does some action. So, nothing special. Sleep like a dream, it would seem, at first glance.

But her dream always ended the same way – the grandmother dies at the end of the dream. But dying is not the end, as she said:

-in a dream I realize that my grandmother died, come to close it to look at her and see that grandma, like, alive. Then she starts doing last breath, to open my eyes, roll over.... But grandma can't see me or understand that I know that she's alive... But I do understand. She didn't die until the end...

they Began to dig and found out that her grandmother was a beloved mother and the best - better than her mother. My grandmother raised her from childhood, gave her love, to some extent, replaced their love on the mother. It's all in real life it was so.

  • I Wake up in the morning and gasp, every breath burns my lungs this grey pain...

she was Later taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. She lay in the hospital for about 2 weeks.

But her dreams did not stop, but on the contrary, the dreams became brighter, richer and more often. Every night the unconscious shouted, giving the images, it was only necessary to be able to correctly decipher this message.

While in the hospital, she wrote down every dream, which we then examined in detail.

- I dreamed a dream. My grandmother passed away. I came to the funeral. There were a lot of people. I'm working my way through the crowd to her grave when I passed through the crowd, came to the tomb – the tomb was excavated and there was grandma, not in a coffin, but simply on the ground. I look at her. Peering into her face, as if specially want something to see and realize that she's breathing. She's breathing and she's alive. Trying to inform everyone that my grandmother is alive! But no one hears me. Then it started snowing.... And I woke up.

Her unconsciousness gave for the image of the grandmother her strongest resource, the force that it always was and that she never realized and on the other hand, her one weak defenseless child part that it hurt to be implemented.

throughout life, her soul as though was waiting for the right moment to take this path from death to the false way, a false part to the great transformation.

When there was a complete understanding of these processes from a client, she became more calm, seeing her for the first time in her life she had another dream, the dream was about its revival... the revival itself, and the beginning...

  • I dreamed such a strange dream, I look through the large glass, as if, somewhere in the huge aquarium with clean water, and developing child... a baby. He has not been born yet. I see clearly the umbilical cord. He's sleeping. He closed his eyes. His skin is pink. He's so cute. I look at him from the side. I woke up and I felt so warm inside. Still.

We worked for a year, I will not describe all the details. It was hard work. But the most important thing in her was her desire to live and later came to understand what he was talking about her soul.

Her last dream was this:

  • I am with mom in the hospital. We came to the grandmother, she was laying there because she felt bad. Suddenly my mother and hear a roar, a scream. I'm looking at. That closed the Elevator door and the Elevator see the old woman on the stretcher. It somewhere take. I'm starting to panic. Fear. I run down the stairs behind the Elevator. Ran to the first floor and see that my grandmother something happened. I don't have time to see what it was, but she died and her head flew from his shoulders, and rolled to my feet. She died....

After work she was confident, become independent and understand their strengths and learn to apply them in life.

As he calls this process she "I'm the one who was worthless, unfit for life, dependent on someone else's opinion, non-self – has died. It is no more." Well, a lot of things happened in her life.

And the most interesting that dreams about my grandmother stopped completely.

Listen to the language of your soul. She unmistakably knows all the answers to your questions.

Our soul speaks to us through dreams, so each dream should be treated as an important message for us – especially if it happens in life difficulties or important events.

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