a Few years ago I came to accept Galina (name changed).

She was past 50, and most of the past life she carried in itself unexamined, the psychological trauma. As a child she was repeatedly subjected to physical abuse from several relatives, among whom the main character was her uncle. br>
I was surprised that Galina came to work with the grudge at his uncle. So she absolutely wasn't going to work out the profound trauma "to delve into the past and explore the depths". She came to forgive. br>
Working according to her request, I'm already mentally imagine program interventions and wondering, what would be the estimated time of such work (taking into account the relative stiffness, which said Galina, and experiences). br>
To begin, I was asked to compile a list of grievances against his uncle (what Galina hurt him – specifically, and the points). And then for each offense had to be list of rational things that could at least partially "justify" of this man. That is, to find rational reasons why he did what he did. Despite all the cruelty and injustice of the offense. br>
this is Usually the first steps that I do in working with the offense. The programme is large – taking into account the work not only on the superficial conscious level, but much deeper. br>
But in this case... these steps were the last!

Unexpectedly happened multiple insight. Galina at some point stopped and closed his eyes. I was waiting for. A moment or two.

And suddenly she says, "You know, Mary, I just like saw the situation through his eyes. And I realized how pathetic and miserable this man was. After this, and be offended at him strangely". br>
Thanking in the end, Galina said the most pleasant words that you may hear the psychologist: "Today I for the first time felt itself free. First forgive for so many years". br>
I even somehow did not believe that for such work it took only 1 meeting. We need long-term therapy, thoroughness, depth and all that. But is it possible the client does not believe? :)

moreover, six months later, the man appears and confirm the thoroughness and fairness previously obtained result.

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