Learn English via psychoanalytic texts
"I switched to English literature".

Friends, 2 -3 sentences by heart, and a year later You will speak beautifully.

so, in order to learn the words, you need to read them in context and with interest. What could be more fun for psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as people just interesuyuschihsya psychology, the soul and the human psyche? I think that by reading, paying attention, and in the most favorable variant by the proposals in the original , taken from these British and American psychoanalytic books, we naturally immersed in the language, and painless means going it.



❓Psychoanalytic concepts and techniques, in order to retain their vitality, must again and again be discovered by the analyst as if for the first time.

✅ to the concepts and techniques of psychoanalysis continues to maintain vitality, it is necessary that the analyst again and again opened them for the first time.

❓The analyst must allow himself to be freshly surprised by the ideas and phenomena that he takes most for granted.
✅it is Necessary that the analyst have allowed themselves to be surprised again with the ideas and phenomena hitherto mostly took for granted.

❓For example, he must be able to allow himself to be genuinely caught off guard by the pervasiveness of the influence of the unconscious mind, by the power of the transference, and by the intransigence of resistance-and to only retrospectively apply the familiar names to these freshly in being rediscovered phenomena.
✅for Example, it is necessary that he genuinely allowed himself to be caught off guard by the ubiquitous influence of unconscious forces of migration and the unyielding nature of the resistance-and then, in retrospect, had weighed the already-known terminology of these newly discovered phenomena.

❓If the analyst allows himself to perpetually be the beginner that he is, it is sometimes possible to learn that which he thought he already knew.
✅If the analyst allows himself to forever remain a beginner, sometimes it opens the possibility to learn that, as he had once thought he had known.

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Naumova Ekaterina
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