Center. Dis-identification or "On the wave!"

One of the most important stages of the therapy, and personal life, accepting fate for what it has already happened and accepting responsibility for the fact that the man is so Packed it where it depended on him, and accepting that somewhere it became a tool in the hands of the will of others (for example, as a child, i.e. adoption parents and their fate). One of the highlights of the self is dis-identification.

Reaching your personal center, one has to accept the fate as it has already happened to date.

It was at this point feeling I am not dependent on social and other roles, and “labels” hung by the environment.

a Man becomes master of himself. He's not part (see Fig.) paragraph 1, 2, 3, ... or 6, he is the center, and his interests, family, things, etc. only the environment in which it exists (its content).

in this state the person feels both feet on the ground. He doesn't need to prove that he…. He himself understands. He overestimated, reviewed past and now it is in the center of his life, as if on an island in the raging sea called – LIFE.

Here it is, life, beating, throbbing, moaning, and here I am in the center.

We tend to identify with the people and roles that we play, the places where we've been – with all that somehow echoed in our hearts (in our destiny).

All that touched the soul, has left a trail and every trail – contribution to what we have become what we are today.

However, there comes a point (in that case, if a person stands on the path of self-knowledge and awareness of causal relationships, identifies patterns of events with them occurred), when begins the process of “cutting off the unnecessary”.

This is the moment of realization that the hero (and each of us reaching awareness, becomes the hero of his own life) as if not present.

Under the identification understand the assignment man himself qualities and properties (features both internal and external) to someone else. By identifying with others, a person acquires the traits and / or properties with whom identificireba.

the Identification allows you to be part of the group, to be like someone.

This ability allows the child / teen to identify with different people and to try on certain qualities of these people.

But as they get older (for the first time this happens in adolescence), more and more people asks a question “who am I?”.

Actually fitting certain roles and qualities is the path of finding the true self.

puberty is marked by this event as dis-identification. This kind of “moment of truth” when man is aware of himself not as parents, but as a child and as representative of a particular professional group, but not in the abstract, but specifically, it can not simply to identify who he is, but what he is (doctor, teacher, etc.).

Crystallizes  the true nature of man.

At this point, identifying fall away and people like (feeling) becomes the center of the world / universe.

So I occupies a Central place in mental space. A person feels inner strength.  This inner strength and confidence , feel other people, because, as such, saying “personality”.

It is always a time of quiet confidence and deep self-understanding, when it is enough to say I am! I have it – I! The very moment when it is possible to attain self-knowledge and to answer the cherished question. Anyway, in this harmony of the person don't even have a thought something to himself to explain. He understands everything. He is here and now. He knows what he wants and where he is going.

during this period, the man gushes with energy.

it is Very important to feel and catch this condition, and to use, directing energy to achieve their own goals.

during this period it is important to cut the excess in the form of toxic relationships (people who take time and energy) – to keep the boundaries in a stable state (in this period it could most effectively), to separate their desires from others, and in General to conduct an audit of your life and outline the steps.

Restaurantsas, people like surfer, catches a wave and fixing on her, moving to the cherished goal!

I Wish You to catch the wave and as long as you can stay on it!

the Identity not similarity! Similar, but are not!
be yourself and Be happy!

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