Change your attitude to the "street" acquaintances

Decent young men – and therefore are decent, they don't have the time, money and arrogance for "hunting" for the girls sitting in luxury cars, for their persecution in the evenings on the Central streets of your city and "catching" in bars, night clubs and restaurants. Decent young men and men almost always busy, they have ever no "free money", they rarely going to the noisy companies. They are bashful, shy and often unsure of themselves. Decent young men and men would love to shop and with a sense of great irritation apply to riding in public transport. Their presence on the street, they are perceived as "empty" and tend to be quick to reach your place of study(work) or home.
However, all this is still "bad"! Situation with decent men significantly complicated by two very unpleasant trends in our days. br>
Two bad tendencies of modernity

Trend No. 1. Busy lives get busier.
Modern, decent young people with each passing decade, become more and more busy. Work in offices and state institutions is becoming more and more irregular and it takes two or three evenings a week. Many are fond of and gambling young men give their evening sports or computer games, watching movies. In the end, striving for personal and career growth, many young people and men begin to take "there is some friendship, all there "Lustina" family and children" – no more than an annoying "holdover", distracting the representatives of the strong half of mankind from scientific and technical progress and implementation of their business plans.
much To the chagrin of girls and women, to divert the attention of such overenthusiastic "men-workaholics" is getting harder and harder. At work and school they are all the time busy in discos and clubs do not go on the street they almost never catch. (Ears headphones from CD players, in the hands of computer games). The question is: "How can we attract them to this exciting venture, as friendship, family creation and continuation of a sort?". And the answer to this question is quite problematic...

the Trend №2. A growing number of social barriers.
In the modern Russian society is beginning to emerge more and more those invisible "social boundaries" between people who are separated wish to explore much better than it would have done the rows of barbed wire. You have probably already noticed that the number of men willing to give you a lift when you "vote" every year more and more reduced. Surely, you have become much more attentive to those who offers you a ride...
it is not that in the first case you "look bad", and the second is worldly become more experienced and selective. The case – in a gradual recovery of the tradition of isolation more successful social strata, in their desire to protect themselves from "social outsiders." Actively growing social groups of officials, bankers, successful entrepreneurs, "middle managers", energy, private practitioners (etc.) more and more committed to its consolidation and is not in a hurry to receive into its bosom those who belong to less prestigious social groups: workers, teachers, doctors, public sector, clerks, grass-roots technical staff, etc.

this is Especially reflected in the field of Dating. Pragmatic educate parents and life itself, those young men and men who are lucky enough to be in "Stan" successful social layers, trying to "cut off" from him those girls and women who count due to the need of Dating or a happy marriage to enter into the higher layers of society, to improve their social status, improve their financial situation. The optimism of those who are still poorly versed in life, in ashes scatter on family advice (probably ever becoming successful, you will also dissuade his son from friendship "is not clear to whom") and during a long men's conversations "for life". br>
as a result, girls and women tend to get on a different kind of "closed", "elite" and frankly expensive parties, clubs and events, there to meet, but... With them there is really get acquainted offer to become the mistresses, secretaries, assistants, sex (etc.), but beyond that it is a very, very "big scratch". Well knowing why girls tend to get acquainted with successful men, the latest pose within themselves the same almost insurmountable barrier, which is broken and naively materialistic female dreams...

I Hope after what you have read above, you already knew:
It's time to change your attitude towards Dating all those places which are still quite wrongly considered "contraindicated for decent girls"! br>
Familiarity on the streets or in public transport is now almost the only way to meet more or less decent or a successful young man without the fear that a new friend will think that you specifically are trying to "cling" to his success, and wish to solve their financial or career problems at his expense, or are frankly unreliable "party girl", which is ready to be given to the first person who gives her "Martini" and a ride in the Mercedes.
Perhaps this conclusion will seem cruel... But:
well it is Better to learn all the rules of love-a Dating game,
rather than spend the best years to fight with their own illusions. br>
But men's rules are as follows:
Decent and successful men prefer to see woman's beauty and in some way respond to it, especially where they "intersect" with the ladies in a completely random manner. And these are the same streets, shopping malls, supermarkets, buses, trolleybuses and metro, which we already spoke in the paragraph above. Especially the streets...

therefore the conclusions:

General conclusions
Finding # 1. Don't be afraid of that one day on the street (in the bus, supermarket, etc.) you will approach internally oberhause fear a decent young man and distorted with excitement voice will say what you will realize that he really wants to meet you. You just have to meet! br>
Finding # 2. No need to waste time, if you suddenly met "the man of her dreams" in a queue in a shop, on public transport, at the crosswalk waiting for the green light of a traffic light, vending machine with card payment systems for mobile phones or simply on the street. As soon as possible assess the situation, take the right decision and find a way to stimulate his attention to your person. So you will learn. br>

Zberovskiy Andrew
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