Recently occurred to me that our boring, harmful, boring and monotonous lifestyle is just a consequence of a set of habits. Most improper habits. They are called harmful. It's not just about really obvious habits such as Smoking or alcohol abuse. Even envy and irritability can be established. Our task is to replace bad habits useful, and painlessly as possible and is transparent to consciousness. Moreover, it is important to change habits, not just resolve them, because, as you know nature abhors a vacuum :)

The hardest thing in this business, as indeed in any other — is to begin. To begin with, that define your enemy. From what habits we want to get rid of? Take a piece of paper and write them down.

Here are ten of the most common:

1. Smoking

2. Alcohol abuse

3. Overeating

4. Sedentary

5. Changeable mode of the day

6. TV

7. Computer games/Internet

8. Irritability

9. Disorganization

10. Extravagance

Perhaps you have other bad habits. Write them all right now, without delay.

As you can see, bad habits are not only to health but to other areas of life, such as work or relations with others. In my experience, I was convinced that bad habits can be eliminated only if the start in parallel to create useful. To do this, write down below on the same sheet a list of useful habits that you would like to create. For example:

  1. to Run in the mornings
  2. to Prepare a sack lunch to work to save
  3. Tempered
  4. the diary
  5. Read books
  6. access to the pool
  7. ...

Making both lists, you can begin to act. Now select one item from the first list that you don't like something from the second list. And then, in the course of a week gradually eliminate from your life first and implement second. Next week do the same with two habits - one bad and one good. And after a couple of weeks you will notice significant results after 2 months all your bad habits will be replaced useful.

Alexey Ovchinnikov
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