Perhaps after this article, I will lose subscribers, customers and friends, but in spite of this, I have the right to talk about any topic and leaving me the question, bringing these thoughts to the public. I apologize to those I might offend the feelings of these reflections, I want to understand and, therefore, to argue.

Here is the question I care about for a long time.... Charity in relation to charges of money on TV and Internet from people who themselves and whose kids need money for recovery, rehabilitation and so on. I don't have on this issue clear position, I occasionally help than I can sometimes just ignore the call for help screens, skipping past information. I do not blame anyone and do not want to condemn, because to understand the man in the situation to call for help, only those who've lived it myself. And I have no right estimated to relate to parents of children asking to help with any amount. Can help.

But here's a question I have too is what we do when we help, who are we? Who we are relative to those who help and who refuse? As before, when no one else could collect the money and turn the media so publicly?Even earlier when there was no television and medicine was not to the extent of the active help? People went to God, to the doctors and they said they PRAY. Pray and ask, believe that God will help....Sometimes "help", sometimes not....

what is it? That a sick child not just that comes into the family and to these parents, not just because we face illness and tragedy at the level of karmic events. I also at one time passed and the tragedy of his eldest son and daughter, she almost was left disabled, I'm no stranger to this fear and helplessness, I understand. But now I also understand much about the causes and consequences of the events where we ourselves deserved what happened, but do not pray, do not go with repentance, and do not consider yourself and your life as an experience, as learning and atonement.

I not in any case not against the treatment and doctors, modern medicine, I'm for any means of assistance and participation, while there is faith and power. But I think who we are, who suddenly decided to help or not? We judge, resitali destinies, pseudology on which the life of a child? If we don't bring in itself in this way about faith and about help... Who gave us the right to give and withhold, to go into the fact that it is not us, not our lives...Who gave us the responsibility for what is interfering with the karmic path of the child and family to take on the role of the party, and maybe Savior? Even terribly to say this, the Savior... do Not be tempted and if it's temptation, to be the Savior? Savior because man in himself and his God, and his relationship with him, his question and answer his prayer and belief in a higher power... And we are the higher power? Maybe we're small and proud fleas that have decided to take on the role of the Creator and Savior?

I have No answer to these questions, but once it's open, apparently I pass my test do I have the right to decide, either to keep himself at his own tail, as in the expression mother Matrony...Mercy it is to save someone who is their lesson or the great pride of man? Courage is to be sympathetic but not to invade, but simply to empathize with and support? Love, mercy is to be there and not to turn away, but not to climb, not to invade someone else's journey, courage to go there and not leave? Though perhaps there is an answer, to accept full responsibility for your path and beliefs, his strength to live and let live....What do you think about this?

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