Cancer (malignant cancer) is curable?Danet

"For what?" — no, I guess cancer patients who at least once did not ask this question, and he could give an exhaustive answer. And because the medicine is too not take anything here to state categorically. Yes, long known external factors that trigger cancer: radiation, ultraviolet radiation, viruses, carcinogens (a list of which is constantly growing), and internal — is considered, for example, that the cells "go crazy" in the background of more than 200 hereditary diseases. What comes first? What is secondary? Dozens of theories. And why not hurt the one on whom fall all the threats of the outside world, and another oncologist makes a diagnosis in the midst of a seemingly complete well-being? Psychologist Inna Malas believes that cancer is a multifactorial disease and there are lots of things involved, including great contribution to the psychological component. And if the three pillars of Oncology — surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy — add struggle with deeply personal harbinger of disease, it ensures virtually 100 percent success. May Inna A. leads unique to our country a group of people with cancer "Live tomorrow" at the territorial center for social servicing the population of Frunzensky district of Minsk. Once a week for 2 hours together 8 of its wards, and all with a common goal: to better understand yourself and to change your life, "never to..."

Inna Males not hide: was personal reasons. Her family also had cases of cancer.

And then, 5 years ago, it seemed that individual work with a psychologist, therapist patients are lacking. On the other hand, was inspired by the book by the famous existential psychotherapist Irving aloma who worked with patients at the terminal stage, the experience of the Moscow psychologists, with whom it is specially written off. And we formulated the idea of what should be a support group for people with cancer. And then in practice it's and understanding that unites all those who fell to cancer in a trap.

the circumstances

Today, Inna A. talks about "psychological profiles" of cancer patients. So, give rise to cancer.

- Discordant relationships with their parents. For example, no emotional contact, trust or, conversely, the person is too psychologically dependent (usually mother with a very cool character).

- the Loss of support in life — usually for 1 — 3 years before the occurrence of the disease. Died close, children left to begin an independent life, had to retire — all of this painful experienced. Sometimes so deep that man cannot find himself in the new coordinate system.

- the Typical reaction to life's problems — "why fight? everything is pointless... I can't... I have no strength". But in every life there are times when all is not rosy, just someone who knows how to handle it, to admit mistakes, to try new things, to be in harmony with itself (and such people never come to therapy, and among cancer patients Inna Males have not seen them), and someone — no. No wonder Austrian psychoanalyst Helmut Figdor observed, "the Absence of problems and conflicts says nothing about the welfare of a person or team, the ability to resolve them with minimal losses for all participants — that is the true indicator of mental health." Unpredictable cancer just because the trials of life everyone has a different reaction: someone runs away from them, someone accepts the challenge, and someone falls into a stupor (this is the most dangerous). What will be your "back door", depend on the effects of stress, which in itself suppresses the immune system, causes hormone imbalances, so a fertile ground for an atypical, cancerous cells.

- Hopeless despair amid the grief, trials. People accumulate the pain, anger, and hostility. And as if internally forbid you to pour out your emotions, fearing to offend anyone or disappoint. For such "candidates in cancer patients" in General, it is essential to meet the requirements of the companies. And because they avoided conflict, swallow the insults, stepping on the throat of their own interests, if only "everything was quiet and peaceful".

- the Tendency to be pessimistic. Regularly feelings of hopelessness, to a life lost interest, tormented by anxiety and there is no way to shake off this yoke. Such people are reluctant to accept help — in itself it already is evidence of its own weakness. In General, the classical sin — depression: feelings of helplessness and, in fact, a refusal to fight.

Why about cancer or anything, or bad?

"the Fear of the unknown and suffering are the essence of kantserofobii. Many one Association: cancer equals death. And who among us is not afraid of death, pain, suffering, helplessness? — says Inna Males. — Fueling this fear is the lack of information. People know little about prevention, about survival, about the success of treatment of those patients who overcome everything and live fully in spite of some limitations. There is a difference when people are talking about that died from cancer, and how defeated or fought. In our society, alas, supported conversations about exactly how hard it is to leave..."

and this Is the position: it is better not to read anything, not hear, not know and not even undergo preventive examinations. Why? Yes, because cancer is perceived as a kind of Almighty power and the psyche is defended by a protective mechanism — "regression". Man becomes on the child's position: how would "I hid", "if I do not know something and do not get sick."

ill don't want to talk about the trouble around not aware of their defect, because the cancer almost always involves surgery, often crippling. It's very personal. Surrounding can still be tactless, dyspraxia, "how can you still live with it?" And not because of stale or poorly educated, but because they are frightened of their own feelings.

What does the self-help group

- first of all the consciousness that you understand, because everyone here knows about life much more than others.

- Help to understand the relationship with family, to get rid of resentment and guilt, struggle with various fears (relapse, death, loneliness, pain).

- Learn how to remove stress, you know where to look for internal resources, to understand the "benefits" of illness, etc. Yes, cancer can teach. But only the very sick can determine what and why. Some say that this diagnosis was given him to take care of yourself (doing things you love to break a tangle of difficult relationships, etc.) — it is the truth. In General, a strong shock force to review many attitudes. It is in the difficulties and experiences and there are points of personal growth.


From the point of view of some psychotherapists, gastric cancer is the echo of devouring from the inside out insults at someone. Breast cancer is the lot of women, who all his life sacrifice myself children, husband, work. Lung cancer — the trouble is someone who can not breathe freely in their environment, cancer of the spine — a sign that shouldered the excessive weight.

Advises Inna Malas

it is Important to understand that no matter what the diagnosis put by the doctors (cancer, 1–stage or terminal stage), the main thing — to fight! To go to those people who were able to overcome it or overcome it now that you can speak freely about their fears and emotions, to ask, to clarify and to feel understood. By the way, this may not necessarily be a psychologist, and understands a relative, a friend in the "weapon" or just a close friend.

a Happy person is always healthy. It is therefore extremely important to feel satisfaction with life and themselves. If you no longer experience joy, to experience a feeling of pleasure, from soul to have fun, believe that life is beautiful, is a disturbing symptom. Particularly dangerous prolonged, lasting more than a year period of depression and apathy.

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