every day I treat the applicants with the problem that they are not invited for an interview (interview), about the job offer have nothing to say!

my Dear, to understand what will happen to the employer of the applicant took me from a professional point of view, about 4 years in three cities: Stavropol, Rostov-on-don, Saint-Petersburg! The main criterion, but rather the TREND of Sotatila-2018 is experience! The Russian labor market this year promises to increase by 60% from last year at free new job, only to increase the growth of salaries is still in question!? Accordingly, the competition among the summaries and opportunity summary will also increase. The volume of work of recruiters is increased and they are even more closely will lead the selection and choose the most experienced candidates!

so, what You need to do and what to stick on the first stages in the job search:

When looking for a job, you need dofaut daily and constantly. In my case, it's also 8 hours a day according to certain rules and technology. Assuming that You want the very next day an invitation to interview for those positions vacant seats that interest You.

There are certain rules and requirements to resume, which the recruiters pay attention to in their presence or do not pay when these items are not available and You will automatically become uninteresting contender for that position, which they expect to close in a short time.

1. The profile summary should be a specific vacancy.

2. Use the keywords for which You will be able to find specialists on staff.

3. Update summary at least once a week. So it will be able to stay until the 10th page is where comes the eye of the recruiter, then they rarely read.

4. Such a summary possible no more than two pages.

I recommend to fit information about their professional activities on a single page.

And that's just 4 out of a possible 10 essential tools for job search and employment!

Want to be in the trend with a competent profile summary - tell and teach you!


Want a comfortable employment!

Larisa Melikhova
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