Your child came home from school very upset and angry. Throws the portfolio and with an expression of terrible anger on her face turns to You, saying, - this idiot, I can't stand it anymore!

Your questioning he begins to tell that classmate sitting right behind him, constantly teasing him and call names. And the worst part is that when he (Your child) turned to the enemy, to ask him to stop clinging to him, the teacher reprimanded him. You, of course, is a great pity your child and You assure him that be sure to go to the teacher and talk to her. However, You understand that the conversation with the teacher does not solve the problem of Your child completely. Of course, You can hardly prevent any classmate teasing Your baby but You can teach him not to pay attention to it.

first calm the child, and ask him to take a deep breath and slowly exhale, do this a few times and see how the tension subsides and the child begins to smile. Then ask him to close his eyes and imagine that he is under the waterfall. The water is clean and cool. The sky is light blue. The air is fresh. Water gently flow down his back. It flows down with him and just moves on. Offer him a little stand under the waterfall, allowing the water to wash the body and carry away all the unpleasant sensations away. Do this exercise several times at home, as long as the child will remember this exercise and be able to do it without Your help. Then invite him to try to do it at school in the moment when someone will hurt him. I think the result will appeal to both Your child and You.

the Proposed exercise based on the concepts of relaxation and imagination. According to teachers and doctors, such exercises games help children to cope with stress. The child can easily learn this game.

Why it helps to solve the problem? It's simple! A child who teases and touches another child, gets satisfaction from the negative reactions that gives the offended, i.e. he shows that everything said about him is. There is a very effective way to deal with offenders: to show how these "teasers" to hurt you, to make it clear that you take them to heart. And exercise-a game that described above, helps the child to keep self-control and thus to change their attitude.

Author Mamedov Olga

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