the Most common situation is when young mom is getting married. However, it is not rare to see an opposite example - a man with a child from his first marriage, married again, and even if the child does not live with him, the new wife still have to communicate baby.

the Main issue is THAT you can see in this little man? It is not even about how the way he acts or how he looks at you, and as you can see it.

Before the new spouse gets the difficult task of choosing your relationship to child. And there may be two opposing positions.

the Child is "part" of the first spouse. Which may be different, although this man objectively last, subconsciously, he may be perceived as opponent.

he feels the newly the stepfather? He lives side by side with a young man who is link, with the "goat", who dared once kiss his wife. But that's not all. The child is a constant reminder to the woman about the last love. Not difficult to guess that such an approach cannot help in normalize relations to the child, and therefore with his wife.

If you are familiar with this problem, it is important to carefully work through it with psychologist. The result will be a deep awareness and acceptance of the child as "parts" your favorite of a person. Daughter or son similar look and feel to someone you love with whom you want to be one. If the child is not a copy, but individual need your support!

At first glance, all seems self-evident, but complexity is that you should not just understand it, and feel, and understand at a new level.

take a Look at the child differently. You love his mother, hugging her and heart filled with affection, is the best woman. The child is her flesh and blood, so how can you not love him.

the Adoption of a "foreign" child, one of the most important happy family relations. Despite the fact that often children aggressive are set to the person who took the beer of the parent to change their attitude, perhaps only coming - that is, by living and breathing child, because it is much harder than you.

Arina Ptashkina
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