In childhood lays the psychological basis of personality development. From successfully and harmoniously will be passed this stage in a child's life depends on all the rest of his life. Psychological difficulties inevitably arise during this period. For every age has its own psychological tasks that need to learn children under 5 years separation and independence from parents, with 5-7 years development of communication skills of the first socialization in school, the definition of the boundaries of intimacy. With 8 years skills communication, ability to negotiate and find a common language with other children and adults.

of Course, the kids really take a lot from their parents. After all, parents are the most significant people in the child's environment. What you put into it now, in fact, he would bear his entire life. Therefore, it is important to deal with emerging psychological difficulties in children at the earliest stages, once they have arisen. Surely, you remember yourself as a child, perhaps you remember what you told Papa or Mama, and the impact this has had on your life. Once on you will remember your children.

Kids may not understand, but all feel: what is happening at home, what kind of relationship in the family — all this leaves its imprint on their psyche and can affect the future. Why is so important to guide and correct behavior in a more adaptive direction, to help it grow and become more successful.
the Most common cause of treatment to a child psychologist it: fears, disobedience, low communication skills, no friends, etc. All these problems can be solved, the sooner you start to solve them, the easier it is to adjust a baby! The longer there is a "symptom" of the more lengthy and time-consuming will work for the correction of the child. If you have something troubling in behavior, manner of the child, if he had fears, it is better to go directly to a psychologist for advice, to resolve any issues.

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