what are you thinking About kids when you do not what we want from them and what they need in the moment? Especially the little ones. When they have not yet clearly opposing the beginning. You
There are a series of American books called "Indigo Children". Americans are generally kind people, only they tend to do a brand called long-known phenomenon of interest term. This term they called our children, who are not like us in our age filled with information. It would be strange if they would be like children of the past or of the last century.
We can no longer dictate to the children, who they become, what to do, how to live. It is a wave of a certain freedom. We can't do that anymore, because it is the age independent people, because everyone can meet their needs on their own – and many more why.
many, Many parents who do not know anything in life for something, including the fact that their fate was actively involved parents, and sometimes achieved or not achieved just because they did not intervene, they want their children certainly become the "ones". Champions and high achievers, winners of the Olympic games, geeks. What their children don't want to be. Or you want, but not in themselves, but because the parents want.
sometimes We want so much from our precious Chad, do not give them the opportunity to stop and think about life, about who they really are. And over the years, as they grow, the answer to this question increasingly difficult to find. Harder to be themselves, difficult to Express feelings and thoughts.
We say "special children", autistic children, they put other interesting diagnoses. But rarely, very rarely, we have children with a really sick mentality, probably due to organic lesions. It is often children, especially much seek to be themselves with a strong psychological Constitution, such children make a genius, if not to break, but to help and guide.
We are experiencing, when the child begins too late to talk, walk, read or write, poor at learning any school subject. But did us much of what we learned in school?... Maybe he doesn't need to talk right now. Or to walk. Or to teach math. Or to study medicine. Maybe he will be an architect, archaeologist, linguist.
Stop. We will listen to their children. Not napihaa their diverse knowledge and skills. Listen to their fate. We will be attentive to each other. The dependence of the child from the us is very large, we will try to mitigate the tragedy of this dependency, and not hindering, but helping him to grow and develop.

Dmitry Poznyakov
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