Children's jealousy. What should parents do?


the Familiar world of the older child with a younger appearance were destroyed, now all differently, mom and dad spend more time with the baby and older child this can often read like what don't love him and he is no longer needed. It was at this moment of great possibility of a child's jealousy toward the youngest child in the family.

The first and foremost what you need to do to your parents is to prepare the child for emergence in a family a younger brother or sister. Available explaining to him that his usual way of life in the family will change because the appearance of the baby is different.

the Birth of the youngest child, could provoke a regression in the behavior of a senior, this will manifest itself in increased anxiety (poor sleep, poor appetite, restlessness, refusal of usual daily routine). Parents in this situation should be very attentive to such manifestations of jealousy. Talk with your child about his feelings, listen to him, try to convey to him that you still love him.

For an older child very important is time spent alone with each parent, this can be a joint walks, trips to the cinema etc before the birth of the youngest child in the family was already formed some traditions for joint pastime, try to save them.

it is Very important to allow the older child to Express anger, jealousy and aggression towards younger siblings because of his appearance, the eldest child loses part of her parents ' time and attention. The task of parents at this point is to containerevent all the negative feelings of the child, not blame him for the negative emotions towards the youngest child, and be sensitive to the concerns of the older.

Not to say an older child is that with the advent of the younger, he now becomes a for adults. He is still a child, albeit older, but still a child who's so stressful for him than ever needs your love and attention.

do Not isolate the baby from the older child, allow him to take care of him, play with him, to help you which he is capable. It is important for him to be noticed by you, to praise and acclaim from you.

There is one very simple and familiar rule for parents. Never compare your child with others, whether it is Bob and Mary from the yard or his older or younger brother/sister. Children are very sensitive to their comparison with others, it always affects their self-esteem and ability to Express themselves.

Talking about his love child, highlight his distinctive qualities and characteristics, hug him, because in addition to verbal strokes, it is necessary at times on a physical level, your warmth and presence.

Aksana Yakubenya
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