— I Have joy! — said Alenka — I have a new tape, see what a brilliant!
It showed his scythe and a new tape in the queue.

— me too – joy, — said Tanya — I colored pencils I bought. A box.

Oh, joy! — said Peter. — I got that rod there. As you want sure. And what pencils any? Will be written with, and all.

Then Dimoska wanted to boast.
— And I have a blue shirt! said Dimoska and spread his hands so all could see his shirt.

Only Ivan listened and said nothing.

— And Vanya even no, at least a little, Radostina no, — said Alenka — sits silent.

— No, there is! said Joe, I saw the flowers!

— What flowers? Where? - zagaldeli guys.

In the forest seen in the meadow when I got lost. It is evening, around dark. And the flowers are white and seemed to glow.

the Boys laughed.
— you never know in the forest of flowers! Also the joy found!

— also, I once in the winter the roof was seen, said Joe.

the Boys laughed even louder:
— So in the summer the roof you can't see?

— I See. Only in winter, the roofs were snow, and the sun was going down. On the one hand the roof is blue and the other pink. And all glitters.

Now, even! — said Alenka. — We like the snow on the roof not seen. And he was blue Yes, pink, that you invented.

— Yes, he's just like that! — said Peter, — he on purpose!

do you have any joy there? — asked Tanya.

— Yes, — said Ivan, — I saw a silver fish.

Where? — started Damochka.

— Real? Silver? — Peter even jumped. — In the pond? In the river?

— In a pool, said Joe.

everything and collapsed with laughter. And Peter growled:

I knew it. It's all on purpose!

No, not deliberately, ' said Joe, after the rain under the Apple tree there was a puddle. Blue. And the sun was shining. And the wind was. The water trembled and silver fishes playing.

— Here, buddy! — Alenka laughed, no he has no joy, so he comes up with.

Tanya said thoughtfully:

— maybe he's got these Radostina more than we do. Because he them where you want to find.


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