Chocolate and love


Love chocolate? Or believe that it should be restricted? There is only dark, because it is "correct and less harmful"?

I believe that if the man loves chocolate you should have. Any! Milk, dark, white with different fillings, as long as it had the taste and gave joy. Chocolate is a tasty treat that is designed for fun.

for example, I like milk chocolate with different whole nuts, and grated dark with ice cream. I used to think that all chocolate taste the same, and when we have learned to eat and live consciously, then realized that he was different. Tasteless for me, chocolate is even will not, therefore, for himself and his family only buy the one that like.

Well, what's the worst that will happen if you eat a few slices of your favorite chocolate at any time of the day? Brand h-and-h-e-R-O. There is a rule: it's all in the quantity and frequency of use. If you ate a few slices of chocolate when you wanted, was your trip from the taste, got food pleasure is wonderful.

Another thing, when you have a craving for chocolate and you regularly overeat. Here you can think not about how to ban and limit yourself in chocolate, and that the need for this draft? Because our body is not macwet just for something to do, it gives targeted signals - there is dissatisfaction. And our task is to react in time, to turn to him and find out what happens now?

what signals a desire for chocolate? This need for LOVE, intimacy, JOY and DISSATISFACTION with sex LIFE.

For many people the desire for chocolate is a serious problem that affect weight and self-esteem. After all, chocolate has a number of valuable properties:
✔High fat content in chocolate reduces the feeling of loneliness.
✔High in carbohydrates stimulates serotonin production.
✔stimulants chocolate - pea, theobromine, tyramine and caffeine are stimulants means momentary action.
✔Chocolate attracts us with its taste, a perfect mix of sweet, salty, bitter and sour.
✔Pyrazine, an ingredient found in chocolate activates the pleasure center in the brain.

I Watched the movie "Chocolate", which starring johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche? When grey and featureless town, a woman of Vienne, which was making a chocolate and guessing the desires of the people. With the advent of chocolate city, I got love, joy, friendship and fun.

In most cases it is women who show a craving for chocolate. When we belong not to yourself, addiction to this delicacy based on the unmet needs of love, turns into cravings. Our serotonin levels and energy is depleted by stress, too tight schedules, diets and lack of physical activity. To feel better, we turn to chocolate.

It gives the feeling that love us and understand perfectly soothes and improves mood.

How do you get rid of cravings for chocolate? The only reliable solution is to work from the inside:
✅Satisfy your need for love.
✅feel About yourself, as to the dearest person on Earth.
✅will fall in Love with yourself and life.
✅Cultivate love, joy, warmth and kindness.
✅Bathe in the rays of the sun and happiness.
✅Tell your partner what you are missing, what you want and what is not allowed.
✅Discard relationships that demean, offend your sense of dignity.

Talking to yourself as often as possible:
❤I am love. the
❤I am full of love. the
❤I loved and love. the
❤I deserve love.

But what about eating chocolate with the love for yourself:
✅Buy the most delicious, expensive, high-quality chocolate.
✅In silence, take some deep breaths and 'empty' head, break off a slice, consider it, inhale the heavenly smell and put the morsel in her mouth.
✅Slowly dissolving, enjoy all the flavors and aftertaste... and let the whole World being in a bounty advert.

Love chocolate? Interested in your thoughts.

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Semerikova Elena
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