Что обо мне подумают?


Since we live in a society and we have to deal with different people, for many it is important what others think of them, how they are perceived and evaluated. Sometimes the experience becomes so painful that it prevents to live and to take any action. Every step of man is limited to the scope and regulations.

If the whole life be guided by the opinion of others, how people can live their own life? Forgetting about their desires and needs, aiming to create the perfect family like the picture, wallowing in restoring the veneer. In anguish betraying themselves, shutting themselves from the world and showing only a facade.

Experience "think about my other people" interfere with a person to grow personally and professionally.


  • people are afraid to be another loser, therefore, inhibiting any of its manifestations, is sensitive to questions about work and private life;
  • are afraid to seem awkward and avoids contact with interesting people;
  • not showing their vulnerability and demonstrates arrogance, what repels others, etc.

the First step is the realization that people too care about what will other people think. Other people tend to focus on themselves and solving their problems. If they notice any strange behavior in the other, then it's pretty quickly forgotten.

Much more important than a person looks like, what he does, his upbringing, style of communication, sincere reactions. Most popular people similar to them. So if you care about the opinion of a particular person, find out what he's interested in, to aspire to and try to find his interest. Common topics of conversation help to relax and focus on the source.

you should Not engage in predicting the thoughts of others about themselves. It is better to focus on people and what they are interested in. So it will be more productive for all.

What can help excessive concern with others ' opinions about yourself?

Like a child lost in their amusements a variety of terrifying or just a new situation – going to the doctor, shopping at the store, fires and accidents, and adult in mind to rehearse exactly how he will behave in a given situation.

Sometimes it helps to look at this situation in a year, 5 years or more. Whether it is so important that you thought about, after the large amount of time or you focus on something else? Is it worth it to worry so much about this?

Relax and let yourself be yourself. it is Important that you yourself think you are, not what you think, thinks your environment. Positive experience manifesting itself helps to continue to be myself, not hide in his shell, and to enjoy their achievements and interact with others.

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