Cinema club - what it can be right teenagers.


I Think that a club can cause a lot of doubt and mistrust, what's the point in it? You can watch movies at home with friends, family, anytime, at your convenience, to download movies according to your mood, this is not someone's choice, and not have to pay to go anywhere - solid gains, you say, and in some ways you are right of course.

the Meeting - discussion on the movie club is not only interesting, but also not only see the film - it is an internal psychological work that will occur at every meeting.

But, I suggest to experiment and to try to represent the virtual discussion as it can be, for example, all of your favorite cartoon "Puzzle" directed by Pete Doctor and Ronaldo Del Carmen.

This cartoon does not leave indifferent neither adults nor children, and is interesting because not meant usually shows us inside when we are strong feelings. This is another attempt to look into her own internal world, the world of the unconscious, to reflect how we are inside, how we use it or not use it, why do we need feelings. And for us, of course, another opportunity to discuss what they saw with you at the meetings.

In the center of the film is the story of a girl 11 years and moving her family to another city. So the discussion can be the theme of "loss".

For Rally move — not just the change of life, and the loss of the familiar and the parting with many things in life. The familiar world would have to remain in the past, and hence her relationships with friends, favorite hockey her whole life. And here we can think more widely, because it is separation from a former way of perceiving the world, the child of one relationship moves to another level of relationship, more Mature. Of the more narrow world of family relations, the teenager goes out into the world of relationships with peers and may feel lonely until they have mastered the new world of relations, the price which he pays for the development.

the childhood home of the Rally is related to many happy experiences and moments of childhood, in contrast to what she sees now, the kind of buildings that should be her new home — not impressive Rally, dead mouse - causes fear and disgust, and this is her very first impressions of the new house, and she was disappointed. This is something that becomes filled with her "inner house", and you can feel great anxiety and mistrust in the soul of the Rally, she disagree with such a change in her life, she was mad at her parents for the fact that they broke her previous world, but to share with them that she can't.

In the film in her world experiences in response to the move — the joy and sorrow in trouble, it can neither sad nor glad. Now anger, fear, anxiety, and disgust govern its behavior. We can say the Rally was left alone. Why?

the Rally was, alone with their inner feelings and feels betrayed friends, without their parents ' attention to her feelings, without our beloved hockey, without his usual world, just taken out of the old life. Without joy, and without the ability of Grief to cause the necessary support. In the understanding of the Rallies, she has not left anything that would bring joy if there is nothing that brings happiness and pleasure, then it is lost forever, and return it only if it will be back ago in their childhood city.

Strong emotions cause pain and therefore cause the desire to get rid of them quickly. Rally decides in desperation, hoping to get rid of this pain, to escape back to the city of his childhood and then will return to her joy and happiness.

Each of us faces within itself to gather all the inherent aggressiveness and connect it with love. And with this difficulty we face in infancy, when mated comprehending what friendliness — hostility, good — bad, black-white.

the Bad causes fear and hate, good wholly accepted.

When we grow up, we become capable of this way of perceiving the world to move in another, more Mature, which is able to accept the coexistence of destructive their own ideas to the motivations of love.

What helped the Rally to cope with the loss?

the character in the psyche of the Rally was Bingo Bongo. This fun pink elephant, the Dolphin is a very loving Rally, remembering all the games with her leprosy, the song and her childhood dreams and fantasies. He was the one who saves "Joy." Why do you think Bingo Bongo inclined her head on the shoulder of Sorrow? Why put your head on the pillows of joy he couldn't.

By the end of the cartoon there are important changes with the Rally, she was able to remember all the good things in her life was to revive, in the form of accumulated good feeling — pink elephant Bingo-Bongo, who returned the Joy, but sorrow painted a more complex age experience.

the Ability to survive the loss of their parents was laid in the relations with the Rally, it is as a kind of basis on which the Rally was able to lean in difficult moment, that we helped Rally will cope with the anger and despair in a situation of loss and helped to return home.

In the psyche of the Rally there are Islands - the island of the "Family" island "Friendship" the island "Hockey" island "Lollygagging", the island of "Fairness" - these Islands - is the basis of developing the individual personality of the Rally.

One of the meanings of the cartoon is that all the emotions to the right person, all valuable and important for a happy satisfactory life. Our range of feelings is much broader than described in the cartoon, the more the range of human experiences, we are able to distinguish, to differentiate, to ponder, to understand, our personality is closer to us, so you more understand yourself, your interests. So it would be good to develop the ability to understand themselves, their experiences, interpret them, and that's what we do on our Film clubs to learn through the characters, to understand their own experiences by giving them their own meaning and significance.

Gvozdeva Natalia
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