Fears are divided into different categories. We used to divide them on the basis of the existing classification, the classification, which for many years was based on the knowledge and experience that was. And tried to understand what the fears are and why we need them. Help, or Vice versa destructive work.
So all the same what it fears. To see and to understand, take for example the case. He turned for help to our roots (this topic will be discussed later in more detail) - and to help us to communicate will help the animal totems. Namely, the totem of Wild Boar (boar) - which helps to pass the zone-read, and free to watch
our fears straight in the eye.

I Want to ask - whether it's now you? Is it worth it to look fears in the eye - are you ready to see what's outside. The boar is a symbol - totem - guide through the inner world, one of the archetypes of the inner world. Knowing your resources, you are free to move deeper into the subconscious. But is it necessary. If for the sake of curiosity, just want to note that you should not do. But if in order to learn how to move on - you should think about what you can still take the risk, as in the specific example. A query - inaction, fear to look forward, and do the actions. Causes - initially, the problem come from the father, not the acceptance of men, not accepting of your male animus - and it is not the ability to take action.

After understanding and accepting of this situation, you can move on. What else therefore can be obstacles. And here we come to the first form of fears IS an OBSTACLE. An obstacle to action or to life in General. Really depends on the perception of the person and relevant to the fears. All types and forms of fear in the individual are formed. It would not work out a single classification to fear is not to relate to. Only individual perception.
Here in this particular example - working with fears. For example, the identified Fear of inaction, fear of the unknown, and as a consequence these fears are already unbalanced from the roots of the Kind of women for all generations. This is shown by the following metaphorical map that outlined the fear of Hyper-control of the situation, fear of mother, fear to lose control over the world.
due to the lack of internal female resources that are typically very long been blocked in the depths of Ancestral roots (research genogram that was revealed). To work out a situation of control, which is very detrimental effect on the many tiered system of life - to privacy, to procreate, to financial independence, prosperity, and of course most importantly - happiness. With this pattern of behavior is clearly nothing good in man will not. Therefore because of expectations and such Hyper-control of the situation and played the first fear of inactivity. That therefore slows down the entire process of life. This fear is DEVASTATING. On the basis of the above the next phase of deep subconscious fear - came fear Control the financial flow and the fear of debt, namely when the energy of Money controlled by people, that the laws of the hierarchy is unnatural.
Seeing this situation in the eye, you realize that there are types of energies that work to help us. There is male energy, there are women, there are numerous a variety of structures and systems of life. And one thing is clear, if you do not respect and do not take the proper hierarchy of order in life, there are violations in the form of destructions, and obstacles. And not knowing how to get out of such situations leads to a state called FEAR. This form of the guards and teachers of the inner world. Some of the teachers in addition to diseases, which also teach people - and is directed to those facets of consciousness that would draw a lesson, to obtain awareness, understanding, draw conclusions, and go and move on. And then after the lesson, thank the conductors, and adopt the correct system of values and order. Life is always GREAT, and no matter how you tried to manage than ever, to lead, to win, rules of life - You will not be able to change and enslave, it is not possible. Just take the knowledge that You are a small element in this life, and can be a leader only of his inner world, and you can only change something there. And changing the external will also change. And the fears will go, and will have nothing to fear. And not needed then there will be no classification of them. Be in harmony, respect higher, and the elders, and accept their help. And all will be well. Be happy!

Fears sometimes settle in the form of certain so-called "ciphers" in the head.
This may be a projection of stormy not properly used imagination. Creativity, creativity, all that is connected with the right hemisphere - lives in these areas of the brain. Their task is to properly allocate your stocks active creative energy. But if you go in all guns rises too lazy, and maybe not the patience. The complete opposite of laziness, accelerator of all processes. Give me all and faster, make tyap blooper. In the end, the result is not released or stagnant energy, or a result that could even in the end hurt you and the society around. After these results, smart the left hemisphere begins to actively create programs to protect and lock in the brain's right hemisphere, that is, to close the connecting bridge between the right and left hemisphere. Intuitive right hemisphere tries to squeeze and play your world of ideas, and left after a few serious unpleasant former experiences, does not allow to happen. So and fears, working to save and in any case not the release of ideas into action, blocking the consciousness creating the frightening facts that will. Oh what horror, how terrible, how's who and where to react, it's a fear to die. And all the distorted creative begins to wind up into the head under the name the Cockroaches in the head, or a Squirrel as another folk can call. Seen in people are very creative, but because of the circumstances either lazy, or the opposite of hyperactive, and, in particular, are very much suffering from constant fear in my head. What can and should be done. To realize and accept the fact that this is, first and foremost, understand that fears are only in your head. If you are not able to play peacefully and to overcome fear. And it may even be to create the physical sensations of fear. As soon as a man sets himself the intention to defeat this kind of fear - consciously clever, the left hemisphere is also standing, and his artillery has control over the physical feelings, - it can be a pain in some areas of the body, tremors in the hands and feet, sweating, and more. The left hemisphere is not so easy to outsmart. So you just need to show who is the master of his body, or the brain control the mind, including the instincts of self-preservation, or consciousness consciously takes himself in hand and manages the brain and your thoughts, the same emotions. And techniques for such types of self-organization and self-government are many, you just pick what you close. And most importantly - these types of fears work to self-destruction. Therefore, it is necessary to start and close these types of fears.
for Example, in one specific situations, people, your own made in the form of toys, you can even designate elements corresponding fear in your specific case. And watch the position I this is big, and there's a little fear, and he tried something to control me. To become even funny. But this technique applies only when figuring what that fear was artificially created by you, if fears belong to other species - then you need to watch in individual cases. And pick up of art works based on specific situations. In any case contact their domestic helpers and sources, and to your family for help and answers, and in any case you will solve your problem. Always a person is given the test as much as man can endure and survive. Be happy and live consciously in harmony with yourself and the world!

Gurtovenko Xenia
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