Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, briefly


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the only scientifically sound method of psychotherapy. Today this method is considered the most effective and is used as the main technique in psychotherapy such as:
Panic disorder
anxiety, Phobias, fears, anxiety
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

As a short-term method of psychotherapy (5-20 sessions) from the first CBT meeting yields positive results and relief from symptoms.

for long-term CBT approach (40-60) this method of psychotherapy can help people suffering from personality disorders and patients with psychosomatic diseases.

As an auxiliary is used in dealing with bipolar affective disorder (BAR), schizophrenia. In this case, CBT is able to prolong the remission and to reduce doses of medication.

In the process of psychotherapy used as a cognitive (cognitions - thinking, knowledge, thought, or figurative representation, which may remain unnoticed if you don't concentrate on them), and behavioral techniques.

Cognitive techniques is aimed at eliminating the errors of thinking, such as:
Catastrophical (from the fly elephant);
Personalization (that would not happen, all have to do with me);br> over-generalization (if you did one, then so do all);
Black and white thinking (or all-or-nothing);
predicting the future (I fail on the exam);br>Навешиdание labels (he is a coward, I'm stupid);
the Understatement of positivity (it is not my merit, I just got lucky);
Focus on the negative (of the large amount of information vyhvatnivtsi only what is relevant to the problem, such as people afraid to fly on airplanes, focuses on reports about the crash);
mind Reading (the person believes that he knows exactly what the other was thinking), etc.

work: automatic and intermediate thoughts, deep beliefs, negative attitudes about themselves , other people and the world; oughts to yourself and others; unrealistic expectations; irrational attitudes and thinking. br>
Behavioral techniques include relaxation methods, various behavioural experiments, behavioural techniques to help overcome certain difficulties. br>
a Contraindication to CBT are acute mental status (psychosis, hallucinations), severe mental disorders pose a threat to the life and health of both the patient and others. When mental retardation is the possibility of partial application has more to do with behavioral techniques.

help with panic attacks, phobias, fears, anxiety, neurosis, depression, etc. Stroganova, A. S., clinical psychologist, CBT - therapist.
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