"Cognitive-behavioral therapy of neurosis" 
Author: © bondarovich, A. A. 
in neurosis so quickly left the symptoms 
Most customers are ready to do much?! 
fears-pugalki, thought-krutilki, 
That's no sleep at night(and the reasons - darkness!). 
the instability when walking, 
the running around to doctors(and healthy!) 
nausea,the wildness, the pain, 
Then suffocating,like out of the will... 
there is No salvation,I think, from symptoms?!- 
So, it is dangerous to leave the house?! 

the Client in the therapy waiting with anticipation, 
That the problem appeared as a hand, 
And he is lazy,stopped, 
"visitor" it is easy to become. 
And just when he'll know your neurosis 
(after all, CBT is the best prognosis!), 
Then go potikha improvement... 
And be neurotic destined for salvation! 

And starts the tedious process, 
In the end, which is progress! 
There are diaries, and there exercises, 
the exposition There (in fear of immersion), 
And cognitive card too, 
And with the behavior training set! CBT "relax"not have 
Otherwise the problem will come back!

Cognitive behavioral therapy-a method with proven efficacy,it is paid by the insurance companies abroad.What is its uniqueness?What are its characteristics?What kind of direction and how it differs from others?

to Begin with,because it's one of the short directions of the psychotherapy of neuroses.As far as short term,of course,depends on characteristics of the problem, from the time of the problem,from the personal characteristics of the client and his motivation to perform certain therapeutic tasks and exercises, from his willingness to learn(it is also educational psychotherapy!) to cope with symptoms and change their thinking,emotional response in certain situations(as long as it does not become more rational and objective,the problem will be to operate or resume again).

here is an example of the kind of neurosis,as OCD,which is part of the category of  anxiety and phobic disorders.

Time for remedial intervention may be different.

When OCD with obsessions(thoughts) usually requires more time than if the person only  rituals(compulsive).many Have both(and obsessive thoughts, and compulsive).For example,when ruminated work is constructed somewhat differently than the invading thoughts.Many problem (scary thought,rituals,avoidance, etc.) "acute" at a certain life stage(e.g.,after childbirth,illness), but he has had a tendency to "twist" in the head the thoughts from which they could not get away and be by itself anxious personality.Then the debut of the obsessive-compulsive-disorder is considered recent and long-standing problem.But this does not mean that it is not solved and life should suffer.All depends on the individual case and motivation.Is that the problem is long-standing,and starts to reduce(resolved) fairly quickly!Let me remind you that the target of the work in OCD is anxiety.The client is given personal advice and exercises,sometimes they are a paradox because,it is necessary to "cheat"brain and break the vicious circle of neurotic response.

I am his clients with OCD I recommend to spend less time on forums and sites,where they had read that someone suffers from severe forms of neurosis over the years,what they did  not cured,not responding to therapy or pills or exercises.If you ask each of those who like writing on these forums,it most likely will be people who are:

a)treated with drugs,but not recovered(or has occurred "rollback" that often happens);

b)was treated only with drugs(and no medicine can cure neurosis,they,unfortunately, only remove the symptoms and after canceling there are great risks of their recurrence again);

C)go to psychotherapy is not enough time,randomly,periodically, etc.;

d)psychotherapy was not cognitive-behavioral napravleniya(went over the years,but anything has not learned,and if the neurosis is important to give the client knowledge of how it works,it is his problem and what to do with it).

Add some more information about standard terms that are accepted in any psychotherapy.Considered that if the problem is not more than 6 months,it may be enough symptomsincreased short-term(up to 25 classes), if the problem exists for over a year,then,most likely,she has managed to form a stable conditioned reflex and a response of man to allow for this and change reagirovanie usually requires medium-term psychotherapy(up to 50 sessions);but sometimes,unfortunately, and so,the client comes with gravitational a problem which stretches almost from childhood(over 10 years) and here it will be about personal change,as his problem behavior has already changed identity, making her neurotic and to help such a client may require depth therapy(50 sessions).This is the standard view of the duration of therapy.But! CBT these terms are usually shorter,although the cases are complicated(treat OCD,and there detected and pancake attack, and somatoform dysfunction, and agoraphobia in the same client).

When I talk about quantity,in this case, I mean complete solution,without the "kickbacks",becauseto cure neurosis psychotherapy,you need to change is not only alarming response,thinking,but many life situations(sometimes it's work,relationship with partner,themes of loneliness and uselessness, the ability to refuse, etc.).And,you will agree that this may not be as fast as we would all like!

Author © bondarovich, A. A. 

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