Cognitive therapy


a Few words about cognitive therapy.

In the first article I want to briefly highlight the approach in which you have consulted.

Cognitive therapy — is a unique method of improving their living space and fill your life with energy.

At the heart of the approach is the following key idea:"Change the thought - change the emotion and feelings". In most other psychological approaches, the idea is completely the opposite: "Primary emotions and the feelings and way of thinking is secondary." the focus is. 

In practice, differences in approaches are not in conflict, because we are all different. And where one method calls the client's resistance, the other is very effective. What is right for you, you'll feel.

At the range of issues is also a different technique functions effectively for different queries.

Cognitive therapy effctive in working with the following queries:

  • Working with the meaning of life, building a way of life.
  • Laziness, apathy, depression.
  • the Choice of life: career, business, professional growth, financial well-being.
  • building a steady and comfortable relationship.

the Main objective of cognitive therapy — remove error of thinking, that is internal conflict or internal struggle that breeds passivity and emotional pain and blocks in search of themselves and their life.

 Another important concept is the automated thought. Each of us continuously mentally  says what he thinks, he feels. Such comments neosoznanna us, but they can also serve as a source of our deepest experiences.

Today it is widely recognized that cognitive therapy — this is the scientific substantiation of the approach to psychological work. In medicine this approach is one of the most effective methods of struggle with clinical depression. 

Advice usually complex: 3-5-10 meetings. Are different techniques and exercises that you can do then apply to their own life (himself a psychologist). Between consultations you must complete several homework assignments (continuity of the effects of methods).

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