Why is man so difficult to open in modern society? After all, the choice of a young man no limits. But, but...

Again the phone rings and a nervous voice asks to advise son or daughter. Senior year, you need to decide on a career choice you need to decide where to go, as it turns out, that young man will not want.

And it's not the fact that parents are implicitly pressured with the choice of going in a pleasing direction. No, but afraid a young man is somewhere to move. Is in some confusion and depression.

22 - year-old woman after a failed suicide attempt I at the reception bitterly says : "I do not understand why you have to live and suffer. Because I never get asked what I want. For me, all decided by the mother. I chose a prestigious school. And when I told her that I don't like it, she laughed in my face."

the History of such education when we get out of prestigious schools and Universities, repetitory and fashionable classes without regard to individual characteristics of the child, is quite typical. Such a child harshly imposed a pattern of external success. Moreover, parents do not consider the demands and needs of the child, they denied him the support at the slightest attempts at resistance on his part.

Such a child quite early, puts on a mask of politeness and courtesy. For example, a young woman with a failed suicide looked very inviting and constantly smiling. From childhood, she used to play the role of a charming and kind girl, but who she really is, she doesn't know until now. And says: "I don't know who I am and why I live."

this internal breakdown, the deep pessimism and the negative perceptions of ourselves can not make young people their first choice is paramount. They are so accustomed to live in the mask and to meet the expectations of their parents that have forgotten or estranged from their own desires.

But is it really human life is driven only by his own desires, which grow from the depths of his being. And ambitious of success in life and personal happiness can be achieved only if a goal in life will grow out of these innermost depths.

the Famous scientist and author Konrad Lorenz in his early childhood was walking with my mother along the shore of the small, rural lake. There was a time early autumn, when birds gather in flocks and fly away to warmer climes. Over the boy's head high in the sky sakurakai the cranes, and he suddenly felt the soul deep joy. "I didn't know, where do you fly these birds, but I felt so good,relaxed and easy because I wanted to fly with them."

And I want to ask you, future and current parents. Much depends on you. Carefully, responsibly and with love take on a life of their talented and self-willed, stubborn and smart, but honest and courageous in their pursuit of the children. May they hear your own deep calling and they will want to climb into the sky. On the wings of his, not someone else's dreams.

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