Designated topic is multifaceted and is always relevant.

throughout life, we strive to acquire this most comfort, no matter what area of life nor spoken everywhere in need of domination.

Comfort is the litmus that determines the tone and the pace of life, focuses in everyday space. This "inner traffic light", which regulates the qualitative and quantitative composition of the many aspects that fill our reality. But are we always able clearly to realize the essence of his comfort? Always direct our actions in any sphere of our activities, aimed at quality results? No. Often we build mental fences of inaction, protecting their comfort zone. Pseudocompact. And here our: harmony, comfort, satisfaction, called comfort, are replaced by limited space familiarity, with a sense of security. Pseudocumidine.

what is the reason? Laziness? Lack of faith in yourself? Bird in the hand? What is it? Why people with their own limitless possibilities raises obstacles on the path to perfection? For example, feeling of comfort from inner harmony, the absence of gravity, ease and vitality through proper nutrition, the comfort zone is familiar, harmful diet, excess calories and excess harmful components of the diet. Messy meals, the consumption of edible products daily cause excess weight, lethargy and irritability, although few people get into this causal relationship. Comfort from physical exertion, vitality, health, determination, entrepreneurship is usually replaced by the passive lifestyle and lack of motivation to do anything, and paints life among the brood, meanings dissipate, depression capture... the Process of self-realization, too, of the comfort, favorite, interesting, productive employment, the obvious result in tandem with motivation, beauty! But here we find an alternative, going to employment on a foreign field, without a spark and pleasure, dividing life into "before" and "after" work. Oil painting.

in the meantime everyone can in detail describe your perfect idea of life, in all its manifestations. Model of interpersonal relationships, family, career, appearance, physical and mental health, Hobbies, leisure, and more, we know what we want to be, know how we will be comfortable, but to arrive in the area of familiarity is much easier, and to complain was not forbidden, if that. If being unhappy is half the battle.

How long a person is able to stay in their usual areas? Sometimes the whole life. Day to day, from year to year, postponing his large-scale transformation. Understandable, since the process is very lengthy, time-consuming, energy-intensive, and where to start? Anxiety leans heavily, at the thought of change, it seems they have so much that neither time nor strength is not enough. And the brain will pick up number of arguments for self-justification, which result are you sure now is really not a good time. Then. There is still so much time, you need to prepare better.

Sometimes you get to chat with people older than forty, fifty years, in the course of the conversation it turns out that they are only prepared to change their lives, they plan to do with your body, business, relationships, or what is worse, they have already "ossified" in their understanding of reality, and ready to assert that global change is simply impossible. Otherwise, how can they accept the fact that half of my life lived in vain? Do not empty the life that flows on the thumb? Standard Breakfast, work, sleep, vacation, retirement. Not scary?

the time for change is now.

Now pick up a pen and Express their ideal conception of life, separately paint each sphere, to draw a parallel with the current situation, and to write the first steps on the path to perfection, steps that are feasible today!

Now to write a plan tomorrow to include in addition to the daily chores, tasks, contributing to personal development and the best to follow it!

Now to find live examples of your perfection, and the maximum in detail to examine their lives, values, and the model itself implementation of the unseen! (Well if you have the opportunity to talk directly, ask a number of questions personally.)

Now to enroll in the gym!

Now to adjust your diet!


Small steps to a great result.

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