If you are tired of the endless string of first dates that do not continue. If you love only those men who are serious relationship to anything. If futile attempts to find a soul mate takes you a lot of time and effort, it is likely that you admit the following error.

You firmly believe yourself to be unworthy of true love, and after another gap begin to suspect a family curse. If you continue to continue in the same spirit, the fate will hardly present something new – over and over again you will be stepping on the same rake while in the firm conviction that this is your cross. Your doom discourage potential applicants on hand and heart, and excessive desire each of them to please more like trying to jump on the bandwagon called marriage. First adjust the attitude and believe that you deserve only the best. Daily convince myself in its beauty and perfection, then life will turn in a positive direction.

Stop each man to see the enemy. Good men there are, and to meet this at any time. However, in a fit of masochism women prefer to fall in love with men who will ignore their messages and calls, justifying another lie. Maybe this problem come from childhood – when dad outside the family was a shirt-guy, but at home needed his attention. So the search continues for the "Pope" is already in adulthood. It is likely that the positive in all areas of man life will be devoid of emotional extreme, but you will be surrounded with warmth and care.

it is Useful to understand that feelings are not a sort of leash. After the wedding don't need to keep partner is exclusively within the four walls beside him. Give the partner the freedom – let him have the time for get-togethers with friends or fishing. Personal space is necessary for spiritual growth – the more Hobbies and friends, the happier the couple.

Try on the problems and interests to talk to your mate, not with a cute guy from another Department. Unlikely you'll love how your husband will begin to confide their failures with a fellow blonde. Don't waste your precious emotional energy on strangers – give it a favorite.

Remember that to be always right is fundamentally wrong. Surely you and your man have many common interests: both leading doctors, like to play pool and dance. Perhaps something you get better and you know more about. But this does not mean that in all other matters you are the greatest expert. Once you get a taste of superiority, sometimes it is very difficult to stop. However, it is quite capable to anyone. And apologize and admit they were wrong not to admit his weakness. It says that you value the relationship and the person next to you.

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