Complex panic of closing doors

Description: *occurs in a fairly adult, Mature age, 40 years and older *mainly for women and for men homosexual orientation, but sometimes occurs among heterosexuals.

seen in: fear of loss and panic in relation to manifestations of his own sexuality their own attractiveness for potential or current partner and their appearance, in particular, *in a morbid desire for rejuvenation,*establishment of contacts, including sexual, with younger partners.

Oral complex

Description:*occurs in children and adolescents * the basis of the complex is considered, according to psychoanalysis, a subconscious echo of the sucking reflex of the infant, which is associated with psycho-erotic pleasure from the caresses of the mother's breast.

Manifests itself in the preservation of the desire to suck various objects (finger, pen, etc.)

Complex provoked treason

Description: *occurs Varela age; * refer to the deviant personality disorders and behavior, sexual preferences, including sado-masochism or candaulism (for example, a man gets a sexual pleasure in demonstrating to others of men naked partner or her photographs); *has two levels of deviant behavior (docrinology, crime).

seen in: * you save 6 months of intense sexual fantasy and sexual behavior involving sexual activity with non-human objects, dissenting adults and children; *the infliction of suffering and humiliation to yourself or partner; * in the acquisition of clinically significant distress (expressed by negative emotions has a negative effect on health); *the desire to establish a sexual partner temporary sexual relationships with other people and to participate in them himself; *the requirements of the partner on an extensive and detailed report-the story about his "treason".

Analiticheskii complex

Description: *occurs during adolescence in the process of doing Masturbation/Masturbation; *are taught by adults (parents, etc.): a negative attitude toward Masturbation and its harm to health; *is considered to be a relic of the puritanical and religious morals, considering that the loss of semen is harmful to the body.

seen in: *the conflict between unfulfilled sexual desire and beliefs about the dangers of Masturbation, leading to the emergence of neurotic States, the sinfulness of his actions and the enduring sense of guilt.

castration Complex

Description: fear the boy/boys/men lose penis as punishment for manifestations of sexuality; *the appearance of excitement from girls/women because of their lack of a penis.

seen in: *the installation of unconscious women in a subordinate position compared with men; *the launch of the compensatory mechanisms of this installation; *vivid appearance in the behavior of women in many male traits: arrogance, domination, male model of sexual behavior (frequent change of sexual partners, excessive queries to their sexual activity, etc.)

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