Communication - from joy to depression


To communicate the desired share of courage, faith in yourself and belief that you are interesting, at least to himself. This minimum salary.

Where does the joy come from? The communication is one of the sources. Interaction with people confronts, allows you to step out of the comfort zone, forge new paths of development. These flashes of success, results, interesting accumulate process, create a beneficial emotional background, the tone of joy and openness to the world.
But if that minimum salary, which we talked about, below the necessary measures? There is a risk of collision with uninspired feedback together with too strong a reaction to it. The idea is that for example, little interest in itself (I myself tried, chalky, not foldable, flawed) does not give a person ways to retreat if the society in which he was for some reason turned it down and didn't see him as a partner. It automatically appears in the zone of emptiness and darkness. One, two, three and at some point, the balance of positive slides in the direction of sadness, lack of interest in life, to contacts, to new attempts and initiatives.

But, most importantly, depression in adulthood is very often laid in early childhood. This is because poorly built, rudely made by the Foundation will be able to resist and retain all of the structure is not in any weather.

- That's why not every facade can be automatically equate to quality and healthy "nutriance".
- That's why not everyone who considers themselves introverted, really introverted, and not every extrovert rapidly communicate internally burning energy.
- And that's why talented, incredibly rich soul, people sometimes sit within four walls and rarely protrude outside.

the Communication then fills when we participate in it equally, and for this we have to find a place in this world and take it. And Yes, some of it will have to relearn how to get up when she fell, to hold the attention when the body doesn't obey you, to acquire the skill of self-presentation, and most importantly in all of this is to support yourself with good, accepting all of these (at first awkward) attempts a smile.

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