Sometimes it seems that all of your education is already ysasline up and down. Books on these subjects are written and rewritten. Everything is simple and known for a long time?

But suddenly find yourself somewhere in a closed room crowded parents with children. And around there is such a noise, shouting, nervous. Children shouting, hitting my head on the chair, they try to shout down and to reassure parents. And once again becoming understood that it is impossible to agree.

my Mother looks pleadingly at dad, he comes off from a smartphone and with multiple look throws up his hands, then a minute later says - tell him not today present. Now cancel the order. Help? Well, every second stopped, and the principle is not, of course. Such things are not sold, this is useless and even harmful.

on the other hand, the mother with the screaming and screaming son, about a dead tablet, well, probably three years (I think povorachivat slightly in from the side). And there, sitting quite adult a boy of 5-6. This mom first whispers, and then shouts: “Shut up, you shut up. I said no!!!” And BAM him upside the head with the words: “I warned you!!! Sit down you moron! I warned you!” In that silently monitors slightly to the side dad and waited a quiet moment, he Basit - you beat him up and did the right thing.

At the time, and I also got some play. These tantrums are usually accompanied by kicking of the front facing seats. What I want to say in these moments? Yes what sense to say something?I think parents would be happy to reassure? Don't want to avoid tantrums, scandals, whining? But not in this case because. Can not, can not, can not, do not know how. These mums always sorry. They always live in guilt, of poverty, of fatigue, of powerlessness and anger.

After that, I only know one thing, what happiness would be if they, educated people, teaching children the three languages at the same time travelling regularly families on a nice vacation, buying them expensive clothes, just ever think and attend to the fact that it is not normal. Abnormal if so is the upbringing and care of the child means that there is something unknown and unclear until this issue, and what they probably just have not learned what did not know. And if you find out “how”?, it becomes clear that a wonderful and comfortable life with a child is getting better. After all, if we do not know how to swim, then we go and learn, if you don't know how to make pizza - learn how. Learning in adulthood: to drive, to photograph, to speak French.

So why not learn the language to communicate with the child? Yes, someone is lucky and he knows it, just because the language spoke to him in childhood. But if you were not so lucky, then it can be learned in adulthood.

Imagine your child and you live in harmony. He can hear you, not shout, not make trouble, smiling and happy fellowship. It's not difficult, you just want to learn.

you know this situation? What's your main bottleneck in communicating with the child how his behavior is upsetting and causes a storm of emotions inside, which could not be addressed?

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