In any family can cause misunderstandings. Sometimes it happens quite often. Sometimes resentment can accumulate over the years and poison the life as spouses and other family members. Despite the fact that the Internet is full of recipes that promise to change this situation, in practice, to do it is not so simple.

I Suggest to try one exercise. You can treat it like a game, as tomfoolery. The essence of the exercise – the couple are silent within, for example, three days. You can use facial expressions, gestures, in General, to communicate, to see, to touch, to smell each other, but without making intelligible sounds. Talk with other family members, but not with each other. If you think that your loved ones wrong you will understand, you can explain the situation – just tell them that you start the game, in which you need to be silent.

Remember, this is not a panacea for all family problems. This is just an exercise to help you understand yourself and your other half. Try it and share your experiences.

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