About their own financial beliefs, and installation and their effect on the income received was in the article "overheard. Money comes easily and freely."

When we are in relationships, and in a pair of common or partially common purse, it depends on each investment and financial expectations of each partner. Here, the value support is out or inhibitory.

For example. Partner partner addresses their expectations (in verbal form or expressed in behavior) that he as a man needs to provide for the family (by the way, most men agree with this). At the same time it can be this idea of her husband: "what are you on really?!". And this dissonance begins to affect its presentation in the partner's address. Human nature to grasp even what is not said. And man's ambiguous message will catch. And how he must feel? How will it affect his motivation? How will this affect the relationship?

Or. Partner - getter says: "It's all I do for the family you!". In this broadcast (again, in verbal form or expressed in behavior): "This is I earned it all my!" Then what will be projected on his wife? She owe him? Her contribution is devalued? Might start familiar ways to defend themselves. As a result, neither the husband does not receive inspiring support, no wife.

Another option. the Wife has the potential to provide good income, but she has the belief that in a pair of a woman's income must not exceed the income men. And this setup will be for her to act so that "decent work is not found", "do not go", "money pass".

Or. a Man, having a good potential for obtaining a decent income, has the belief that for this purpose it is required need "reliable rear". But, once pair bonds are not formed, covered back does not occur. Of course, hands down.

of Course, there are other examples of contradictions.

As you can see, financial settings in a pair of with respect to each other depends on the profit house. And while each will not allow own internal contradictions in the vision of his partner and relations in the pair, it will be difficult to agree on how to move together effectively to prosperity.

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