Connecting two fates


the Prose of Dina Ilyinichna Rubina I read about ten years, maybe twelve...I don't remember. The important thing is that her worldview is almost identical to mine. Such a kindred spirit, grieving in the mental field of their ethnic group, the mysterious intertwining of the search for the Light.

or maybe it's that "radical" intellectuals of the scientific or artistic world are similar to each other..?

In the space of thoughts is born the desire, understanding and intention to act.

So, at one time you had to destroy what was brought to emotional and intellectual dead end. For new growth and development to new heights.

And when the soil is prepared, you can sow...Reasonable, eternal, kind. And ,indeed, someone like... Rot, alas, indestructible in the global contamination by toxic tyranny.

Although what is undesirable and devalues, also teaches something.

After the experience of the first marriage or bitter, emotional , heart-breaking relationship, a woman can fall into despair, and perhaps overcoming the pain, to believe in his Destiny to be a Woman, and, therefore,able to love, to take a man , take care of it, as well as about yourself.

And for many, unfortunately, ecological understanding of love is unavailable (especially for those who allow the abuse and may not see the fruits of our destructive thoughts and actions.).

Find a new relationship often means trial and error, self-deception and caring in a devastating state. Sometimes sexual energy, change the set of partners is so de-energizes the woman to create a fulfilling relationship with a man, a family based on love, solidarity , loyalty, becomes an extremely difficult task, available only to a few.
of Course, understanding of drama of its own situation, its actual frailty leads to awareness of the need for change in your personal life.

But the involvement of many women in the dubious training courses for "pumping" of the female energy in most cases remains only a theoretical platform.

So, it is no coincidence that I mentioned at the beginning of the publication about Dina Rubina. In my opinion, this talented woman is a good example, a benchmark for many of us.

the First difficult marriage, divorce, raising a son and ...a new relationship, this love for life, where everyone in the Union, carries your light and performs his a mission! It is the realization that this Union of two personalities, original, bright, creative, intelligent, gives rise to an idea about the importance of creativity in life and men and women...

"not all of them know how I am grumpy introvert. I have a tragic warehouse person, I don't know how to be joyful..".
Despite the smiles and laughter, still the Soul is tormented by thoughts about the injustice in this world, about pain and grief man...
re-Reading again, I realize that the promise of Happiness everyone has his own...someone make happy a new model car, and some creative search...

And the birth family, this complex, deep Union men and women are not only the sympathy, passion and respect it is also a vector of the energy, which serves as a unifying element for both. The energy of Creativity, regardless of the channel and the area that feeds two people, happy in their Union.

Thought, and on the eternal problem of many married couples...", She cackles and screams, his mouth does not close..", "But he's always silent....".
God knows how attracted to each other man and woman. But when there is a mismatch in the emotional picture, dissonance, loss of perception of spouses to each other, we have both hard..
In my opinion, introvert and melancholic will find happiness with the same well as two sanguine will be happy together..

about the same thing and Dina Rubina said in an interview, about the complexity and uniqueness of living together of two introverts involved in the creative process. Because the spouse of Dina Ilyinichna artist Boris Karafelov...
And every word becomes a native, necessary and significant, the value of Love has no equivalents, if there's a soul mate, who understands you even without words.

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