Connection and a split (for the film "Black Swan")


Recently saw the movie "Black Swan" (2010). Stunning picture!after the movie I was so moved that again reached out to Peru! The film is so grotesque, contradictory, phantasmagoric, which is very difficult to understand certain things due to the reality. And after viewing I decided to write about what a split personality.

the Film impressed me with his incorruptible honesty I have lived my story, which seemed to feel that some things can not connect. Impossible, not killing a white Swan, to play black. And so in all. There is a shadow, and there is a person. It is impossible to connect the incompatible, and only the human soul is able to awesome antics. Sincere bright and innocent girl is a great dancer: perfect technique, virtuosity, beauty and grace joined her in unison. But something prevents her from getting the lead role of "Black Swan"! She's so deliciously lovely, so soulful and exquisitely graceful in all her movements there is no hint of a temptation for shameless flirting, which is necessary for its counterpart. And in all this sophistication, the main Director of the ballet, a spoiled and hard-headed cynic, he sees the coldness, sees inaccessibility, coldness, stiffness and frigidity. But is it?

the World open the eyes of the beholder! In their crazy ideas of the Director finally decides to reconcile the irreconcilable: he wants to reveal the sexuality of the main character. She is just looking for happiness, as the white Swan, but instead receives a false harassment. As often happens with great works, the actress is so committed to the role of "Black Swan" that this character starts to live in their separate lives. Soon she anticipates and precedes the events of the plot. Her honor outraged at first confused by the requirements of the Director of ballet, then corruption of a friend applying for the main role! The result opens the first escape hatch: the actress goes crazy! Everywhere it pursues double: it sees the black Swan through her skin sprouted feathers and her feet turned into paws. Moreover, the whole background of the picture makes the white Swan, has not found love, but waking a sexy, revenge. Frustrirovannosti behavior is under-loved girls is exacerbated by open despotism and hyperopia mother who wants daughter's happiness. Her concepts is to be the prima ballerina of the ballet at any cost. In the next scene opens the second escape hatch and actress kills her rival to play a major role in black Swan, turning the scene into a fiend. Returning to the dressing room, the girl realizes the obvious: she was not killed by the opponent, and himself. Thus closed the last escape hatch. The tragedy of the picture is that the girl could avoid this outcome, keep track of your feelings. You cannot sacrifice the dignity to comfort his ego. The glory of this picture is not worth living, and even more so, her honour and love. The whole demonic black Swan unilaterally destroy the essence of white. By far, the black Swan was stronger. Pulling shards of mirror from his belly (a metaphor for "life"), she goes out in costume the white Swan to dance a farewell dance! Dying, the actress realizes that her soul will never get along persona and shadow! In the finals in the costume of a white Swan, rather, she's relieved and rebirth, deliverance from the image, which she never was and never could be. Death in this case acts as a rebirth, as an atonement for sin which she had committed, putting on demoralizing her shadow.

In life often go wrong. Gradually killing a human being, people can go for years without experiencing much discomfort until you are in a hospital bed. And it's not connecting person and shadow. The case is in stunning importance of the impact of symbiosis incompatible. One absorbs more. And that's it. Justice is much more important than life: reputation can't be restored. Of course, each of us live subpersonalities, and, of course, they recite their monologues every day. But it is important to monitor among these monologues the level of honesty with yourself. Where there is no honesty, there is no conditions for existence. The degree of connection of those sub-personalities into a single personality is different, but, nevertheless, in a healthy body ( talking about the Trinity: spirit, soul, body), they all have something integral, something to complement the picture of the individual. If the connection of these sub-personalities contactless if you are trying to combine absolutely opposite things, the more likely you are at risk. You need to have the greatest spirit in order to control the risk. And this is the highest level you can achieve in the material world.

Beware: when you combine the incompatible - different personalities, beliefs and culture, your morality may be affected. Because morality is based on honesty. Blue and red cord cannot be connected together, the tension lead to an explosion. It is very important that the personality was not lost connection. Remember the attitude (we are three: spirit unites with the soul, the soul with the body, to all intermediaries worked together). The split personality comes quickly. First, you stop noticing the whisper of love, then the voice of conscience, then you have included the mouthpiece of the suffering. Schizophrenia patient comes to our ego, when we stop thinking about others and myself in the same vein, when our selfishness is superior to all expectations, when there's no more time to think about each other, about the benefits of universal Affairs. Track everything related to your private property: when you spend too much time on the creation of its own brand (fake personality), your personality goes by the wayside. Your conscience is in retreat, forgetting about the soul. The cancer cell destroys the body that created it! To get rid of this complex, you need to think about the attune, connection, solidarity, as part of the common good in the struggle for peace in our hearts and peace in the world!

Bakaeva Lalena
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