it's clear that I specializies on relationships, husbands, children, friends, relatives, lovers... each has its own problems, its own challenges.
My goal is to help the client navigate the difficult situation.
Let's now analyze the time what happens when a potential customer becomes so.
1.Decided to go back to the problem later.
2.I read a few articles, maybe even mine, and decided that they themselves will find a way.
3. To save money, postponing a trip to the psychologist.
4. The problem has not been solved but merely pushed into a corner.
And in the end it seems that all is well. I think. Sure. And actually, to be honest?
And in fact, the problem has not got no where.
Why am I so sure?Yes, because at work through the day you see the consequences of such here fans to defer to self-medicate.
And the consequences are sad.
Let's at least briefly.
Myth 1. We do not swear in front of the kids, so they are not even aware that we have a problem. This is nonsense naive adults. You can see everything, and fighting, and how to argue, and most importantly, see how do NOT LIKE each other's parents. And learn to be that way.
Myth 2. Self-will. Life itself will pass and you at her side, in cold water among algae. But could get to the ship, wash, dry off and live happily ever after, but you decide or what not to do.
a Myth.3. Waiting for a convenient time. Time is not always convenient. Always will seem better tomorrow, next week, then.
If you dig, you still have a lot of things you can find.
Adults and sensible appeal to You. All of You participants in any relationship. And if it happens that Your relationship has stalled, also, think that you are not alone in your behavior and watch as Your loved ones, children, relatives, friends, those of the coma you are important. Blowing his fortune on a chance, you making things worse for not only themselves, but also those who are near You, giving them a distorted and not a true understanding of reality, leaving a negative footprint. Be reasonable. Don't love yourself, so at least take care of their loved ones. Don't become proof of the phrase "All the problems of childhood"

Mikhailenko Sergey
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