All you need is the confidence that comes with health and powerful nerve force.

In this letter I want to elaborate on our human fears that prevent us to be confident in yourself.
There are a few basic fears that are more or less inherent in every person and accompany some until death. But there are rare exceptions who were able to cope with these fears.

the Fear of death.
the Fear of death natural to man. He is familiar to almost everyone. But usually this fear does not destroy life. In a sense, he makes you feel and appreciate its happy moments, stimulates to activity, does not allow to postpone life. Everyone is doing a lot of inner work to learn to live with this fear and to protect themselves. br>
In the modern world there are several sources of protection from the fear of death:

1.Idealization of human life. Despite the fact that on the TV screens and cinemas everywhere shows the death, the life of modern man, especially in Western culture, is presented as if his death will not affect, because "he's not like me and all the General laws shall not apply".

2.Perfectionism. Order and control, the opportunity for moments to arrange his time to protect people and pushes thoughts about the natural laws of existence.

3. The lack of purpose and meaning in life. Empty existence — this is not life, but something intermediate between life and death, something close to death. The inner sense of man tells him that such a life is not much different from death, and he feels strongly its proximity and inevitability. We can say that the intense fear of death isn't a fear of the meaninglessness of life. Human life appears as a set of fragments of time, there is no integrity, there is no project of life, which occurs only in the adoption and realization of the fact of the finiteness of existence. br>
4.Loneliness, social isolation, and disunity of people inevitable price to pay for individualism and competitiveness, which is so characteristic of modern Western culture.
Focusing on ourselves, lack of focus on the other person — a phenomenon that we often observe in the modern world. Individualization, selfishness undermine our relations with other people and make us to dwell in "splendid isolation". This is especially evident in large cities where even neighbors living on the same staircase, don't know each other. We sit in their private homes and not hear the voices of aid; we're obsessed with themselves — their feelings, problems, conflicts, unable to listen and understand the other, to show sincere interest in others ' lives, internally to join it.
2 the number of living people - husband and wife, stopped to listen to each other and become estranged emotionally, and sometimes economically as well.

5. Not processed and integrated experience with death. It so happens that once faced with death, the person carries these injuries, fear. He accompanies him and prevents to live. A lack of confidence.

Fear of being unloved is the consequence of negative attitudes associated with a lack of confidence in itself. the
lack of confidence in itself has as the other side of the coin, unbelief in the world. The key to perfection is self-esteem which is based on the concept of "honor". A person with honor, self-confident, he knows that will not compromise our principles never. He is responsible only to himself.
another way to feel confident in themselves failed anyone yet. the
self-esteem is replacing the sense of self-importance, as well as to replace fear comes Love.
Improve your confidence and You will know that the fear of being unloved unreasonable: there is always someone who needs Your love and who is ready to love You. The main thing - to search and not give up!

Fear of poverty.
the fear of poverty of the mind. In our Universe, many ways to achieve material and spiritual wealth. Our brain is a Treasury of wealth. Little by little, freed from the burden of past negative experiences, You will gain strength, confidence and then You will open the various roads to happiness and wealth. Then there will be the opportunity to make a Spiritual choice, and the work which God designed, is bound to be good, to bring happiness and wealth to the spiritual and the material.

Fear of judgment.
Never be afraid of condemnation! Know who is inherent in the condemnation of others? Those who are envious. Jealous and weak-willed people. If You are not convicted, then You have not achieved success. It is impossible to please everyone. Sometimes even the closest people are in opposition and condemn You, because they feel their weakness. The more You will work on yourself, the more Your nervous power, more confidence. You climb over questionable remarks and judgmental attitudes, they will simply cease to operate.
If you condemn, then You are something different from others; what matters is that You have different>And remember: people do not like those who are able to break away from the crowd, who are engaged in work and who wants to be Free. You need to be prepared for that. Or put up with your share and be with the rest of the grey, lifeless existence.

the Fear of old age.
each of us will grow old, because we are part of nature. But each experience it differently. There is such a thing as a biological age and calendar age. Have You ever met people who are in their 80-90 years look 10-20 years younger, they are full of energy and strength; others and 30 look like decrepit old men.
it All depends on our inner attitude. Many people 1000 times a day analyzing the thoughts in my head and imagine myself frail, old, helpless. These thoughts arise from nervous tension, frequent troubles and failures. We are destroying your health and body, not to mention Soul. If we want to be healthy, it does not mean that we will continue to overeat sweets; here you need to understand or health, or pleasure. Health in the full sense of the word - physical and mental - is our greatest wealth. Think about all You have in life smoothly, are there any barriers - mental and physical?
a revision of Your feelings and life in General to understand where you need to fix that Light source has penetrated Your body and Soul and brought You the Divine radiance of Health.

dread disease.
you Know what all diseases? From self-pity. Yes, Yes, exactly. When a person weakens, he becomes insecure, he begins to receive negative thoughts, not necessarily related to the past negative experience.
And so begins a rough song: "Oh, I'm poor, nobody sees my disease, how unfortunate I am!" and so on to infinity. After these thoughts, not only your head will start to hurt, but the whole body will respond to these signals.
self-Pity is dangerous!
feeling sorry for ourselves, we become a victim, which is hunting a predator. A predator a mile away can smell the smell of his victim. And now You start attacking one, then the other: You inadvertently cause aggression in these people.
And the people become victims again because of their insecurities, fears.
it is Possible to live without diseases. It is work. But what could be nicer than to take care of your future TODAY?

Having dealt with outstanding concerns, You will loose vitality and energy.
Terrible thoughts go through when there are powerful nerve force. This nerve force is generated by physical activity, proper nutrition, study Your past. Your past does not have for You to act today!

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