Consultation on professional orientation


Faced yesterday once again with disbelief.

the Client several times I have said - is it really possible to believe the tests?

All my assurances of their reliability, validity and other things - almost walked past their ears.

the Point over and helped arrange the tests that are suggested that is happening. And here it was not so much advice or tests, how many in the psychological status of the client. I was lucky - at the last training of consultant on vocational guidance we just discussed this issue. I knew what it was, the situation was displayed on the shelves. The client's behavior was normal for her. Anxiety and fear is what takes place in her regular daily life. I explained to her those moments.

moreover, one of the tests signaled that she "moratory" or "crisis of choice". This test for the second time helps me out in difficult, confusing situations and tells what exactly is the problem with professional identity. Not time yet to choose. We don't want to do. And under external pressure from parents, relatives, peers and school administrators teenager just tossing from side to side and doesn't understand what choice to make??? And would be happy to make the choice, but based on that, And it is not wrong?

Not always consultation on vocational guidance gives an unequivocal answer:

you at the Belarusian State University, Faculty of Journalism!


in the Minsk State Linguistic University, interpreter

Sometimes, professional advice, sound recommendations for what area to look at what professions you wonder what professiogramme to read.

And sometimes gently referred to that the uncertainty, anxiety, aggression, etc. - is better to make out a consultation with a psychologist. But it will be beyond the scope of vocational advice.

If anyone needs advice on professional orientation, please contact!

At the moment I am an employee of the Republican center for professional orientation.

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