Consultation online or personal meeting?


Online consultations with a psychologist are now gaining more popularity.

This is a great option to get quick support at any time and in any place, and can be the first step for someone who understood that he needed correction of his own life, and this method of counselling is beneficial for the psychologist in the form of additional earnings. But online consultations are still limitations.

When people really need help, to resolve some difficult situation, repetitive behavior .......

Received during the online consultation, the insight is the awareness of your problem, but conscious insight is not a factor in therapeutic change (M. Erickson)

as an example: people passed trainings, consultations on a specific issue. Like she understood and realized. Only now, upon the occurrence of a trigger or similar situation – the behavior, the acting out of the body persists, as if there was so much thought and hours of work. And nuance that long-term emotions are deposited in the body, in the nervous system as reflexes. And, in case of irritation – reflex is triggered.

i.e. again and again – for a qualitative change you need a combination of body-oriented psychotherapeutic methods.

And just recently found the answer for yourself why it works so quickly and efficiently.

studies on neuropsychology, at the lecture A. V. S. : "neurontinonline two phenomena is greater the closer areas of the brain, these phenomena are providing". And the center of the autonomic nervous system, the center connective tissue sheath (fascia), immunity and emotions – are in the media-the basal structures of the brain (hypothalamic-diencephalic structures).

have You ever noticed how the mood improves after the massage, even the simplest, not to mention the myofascial tension (which some do practice body-oriented approach)?

And here is the answer to the question why elementary gymnastics in the morning, even with the friction boosts the immune system?

Yes, everything is there, and all of this neural interaction is affected!

So when You decide what format works with the psychologist You choose evaluate all pros and cons of each option, taking into account Your request of the need for correction or advice. It is always better to try different methods and approaches.

And not to stop in its movement on the path of personal development!

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