Contact with your feelings


touch with your feelings

did you know that every second person has feelings and emotions? And sometimes several at the same time.

Is a continuous mental process, which aims to Orient the person in life situations. Emotions reflect the person's mental state and form the human reaction to a particular situation. These reactions are very individual, because based on all previous experiences of a person's life. Therefore, different people have the same situation can cause very different feelings.

Sometimes feelings can be so strong and unbearable that our defense mechanisms displace them to avoid unbearable feelings to consciousness. Because their experience can be very traumatic. Also a basic set of defenses formed in childhood and fixed. For example, alarming the mother of all his words and actions encourages the child to be obedient and diligent, do not allow any opportunity for the manifestation of the anger and discontent of the child, ie aggressive interactions (which by the way is absolutely natural and logical). The child learns scheme - to get angry is impossible, their grievances need to be put away because mom needs a diligent and obeying the child. Thus, there is a pattern of displacement of aggressive feelings in any form.

the Repressed feelings do not reach consciousness, they are locked and inaccessible. They can occur in somatic phenomena, or the method of projection is pushed to other people. The inability to survive, and therefore to understand their feelings and have no contact with your feelings. Not having access to their feelings and not understanding them, we can't get our brain the very important information he was trying to convey to us. For example, anger shows the person that the situation in which he was not satisfied with it for whatever reasons, and may need to remove yourself from this situation. But when access the feeling not to understand this is currently not possible.

And the person imperceptibly for itself it turns out there where he doesn't like those people who don't fit or hurt, do things, do not understand why. Such people are like lost his internal compass, they can be very driven for more assertive and confident people, because they have no understanding of himself. Thus, the person finds himself cut off from himself and is deprived of important information about themselves to adapt in the world and the maelstrom of daily events.

One of the main tasks of psychotherapy is a gradual restoration of this connection with your feelings. br>
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And you understand their feelings and emotions?

Ogneva, Julia
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