the Container
In everyday life we often use the containers for storage or sorting things.It is convenient to get and not to lose the necessary. ☝This is for our emotions and feelings have an inner container. The process of recycling and / or processing of the senses is called containerevent. As a child, Kantemirovka for us doing important close adultstypically the parents thus learn to use this container of emotions! 👪👨👩👧👨👩👧👦👨👩👦👦👨👩👧👧For example,the baby is upset and it shows in every way.At this moment the parent puts his feelings in your container, processes them( based on my subjective experience) and teaches the child is already "processed" are not toxic and fatal feelings: "You're upset(on) ,I understand.... It's frustrating,come give me a hug (and thus will share with you the bitterness of emotions)😚😚😚
But happens that the adult this container "full of holes" or malfunction.This happens not only from fatigue and the lack of support!👆But in the case when that adult is also not containerului with his feelings! Then, being alone with his range of feelings you need to do?🤔Here's an example:
🍀 not cry when hurt or upset,that would not be nitika!
🍀cry alone( strong do not cry)thus do not receive "live" support!
🍀to refuse from the senses, to "freeze" them and then body and mind will give out different psychosomatic symptoms
🍀to abandon feelings,but to be able to explain everything beautifully.Then all understand the idea, but something is missing in the relationship.

the list goes on,but I get and move on to the pleasant,complex and emotional process of containerbase.
In moments of despair,grief,anger,sadness etc usually we don't need a logical explanation( or rather is absolutely necessary sometimes) But most of all we,and the children even more need a man who silently or in the arms will be with us in these difficult moments. And say "cry, I'm here" .Will be just nearby!

Tatyana Zelensky
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