the Girl identified the problem, was devout. She went to Church and repented, believing that sex is a sin. At the same time she felt a kind of contradiction, which is as it were divided it into 2 parts. Client experienced the pleasure of sex, but how can that be a sin? She could not understand.

the First thing that we came out, there was a state of "shame." The word came to her from her mother. We returned it to *magic word* mom, it was presented in the form of a tube, which was closed by the client, and she immediately felt better.


Then the girl came of her own thoughts. They were very concise: "Yes."

the Client said: "I understand that there is no contradiction. After all, this God created the tenderness, love and affection. What's wrong with sex? I understand that this is all for us. Need to enjoy life".

I continued my job as a psychologist, sex therapist, and we went out on her first sexual experience when everything turned out all is not as she dreamed. Then the girl decided: "Why is this even necessary, you can do without sex, it's no good."

Now the client realized that it was not her man. Then she met another, with whom everything was as she dreamed.

she had a sense of joy and energy. She said the word "wonderful" and smiled.

Then came the sexual ban mom. When the girl was 12 years old. Mom said, "Sex is bad, you have to be modest, not to wear short skirts, and not to dissolve the hair." The girl still embody it in their lives. And now she suddenly realized that her time had come: "Mother, now the opposite tells me that the time has come, do not fear."

this updated note and with the understanding that sin is what the man himself considers to be sin, we have finished our work.

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