Completed our weekly cycle of work with pendulums. How do you feel when....

When you're done (hopefully this week you've been good) to get out of the narrow tunnel of reality, due to the same narrow-minded to the diversity of the world.

When you've learned other ways to solve your everyday problems and found them as correct, and even more since received more ease in life.

When you understand that life is a "thing" divergena, and the same question has not one, but multiple correct answers.

You are not speaking in scientific language, expanded his consciousness and has gone beyond its own "karma". Metaphorically, the way it is: out of the dark tunnel in the open field is beyond the limitations, right?

So, in the most sweet moment of victory over oneself and circumstances aktiviziruyutsya your surroundings. Remember a bucket with crayfish? As soon as one tries to climb out, the others pull him back.

You will need a lot of strength to regain its flat emotional state that will swing the pendulum rage about the fact that everything is so stupid, when you do not fully understand the condition of your impending doom on the same occasion.

Today you have to defend (!) their right to a different point of view on the same situation that you have had the same with the people you look before.

Honestly, this fight of wits with such forces of the "enemy" that are superior to yours. Remember? For their backs is still the same wall of rigid beliefs, about which I wrote yesterday. And you only support yourself, and that is still quite new and not yet robust.

Today is the day when you will need to show their will. More Precisely, The Will. Only we ourselves can personally pull myself together. Only depends on us whether we will be able to work out internal problems in relation to the external world.

There is a danger of losing hard-won position - its wide border. Today's topic – kickbacks after work. Or the theme of laziness to learn and embed new behavioural skills that must nurture, because you now Think differently, but not yet Live otherwise.

it is Impossible to get victory once and for all. After the conquest of foreign territory, it is required also to maintain.

Instead of intellectual effort to defend their opinion, which can now be different from the public, you have a great chance to show how to live by example. Success – here's your proof!

Your Irina Panina

a Doctor of Psychology, hypnology, a tarragon

Together we'll find the way to your hidden opportunities!

PS I also have a gift!

Free two-week training course. The theme is classified.

the global theme is the same - the expansion of the boundaries of their capabilities.

you can find more Details by writing me a private message.

do Not betray Yourself, even if behind you have the Trauma of Betrayal.

What is it? I'll tell you in a short video (fragment of a work with a group)

Panina Irina
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