Secret 4 Controlled participation

During our sessions, my clients gradually learned to track and your personal contribution in a painful relationship.

For example, a woman once shared her insight, when she's in a bad mood and even "tries not to show it" – her husband shunned her or said, "Let's hush now".

the Other finally realized that when weakened its "parent" control over her husband, and began to treat him like an adult and equal to the man, he became more open. Meanwhile, before he fled, tried to be home as little as possible, citing the employment.

everything affects Everything

Modern physics a few years after gestaltists ( this humanistic approach in individual work I use) ran into some friends ancient Chinese themes.

namely, that in nature there is no material phenomena that would exist regardless of the opinion and thoughts of a person. as a result, physicists have been forced to recognise the observer responsible status of the participant.

In the theory of quantum physics, the observer for the physical properties of any nuclear phenomena need and to "these properties to bring to life" (from "Times of change" by F. Capra).

it is also Important to know that the culture and intellect of the observer also affect the observed system.

Therefore, develop! Increase your self-esteem. It will make you more interesting and attractive to your men.

Develop your right - "poetic" responsible for the images and feelings hemisphere.

Sing, draw, crochet or knitting, dance, compose poetry, play musical instruments, in a word – create!

Remember, just one DESIRES to bring life to the whole world.

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