This may sound strange, but some women do "trigger" mechanism that causes them to be overweight. They fear close contacts with men and subconsciously decide to become full, not to attract male attention. While on a conscious level, these women all my life to covet the shape of the model and not to get off diets, but in fact, their appetite will be controlled by it subliminal motives.

this also could be considered and women who survived a bad breakup. After such a psychological trauma they may unconsciously experience a strong fear of the possibility of such experience, and therefore gain extra kilos, they will find a convenient reason to avoid love relationships with men.

Fear of close relationships with men, fear of sexual contacts does not allow you to lose weight. In fact, all this looks in the following way: the subconscious mind says, " I are afraid a relationship, I want to hide in your shell, don't touch me." And the brain says: " I'm so fat, I no guy will see this and no wonder I have no personal life." And even if some semblance of this very personal life and show up, then this girl immediately ruining this relationship in the Bud, she pushes this guy because she deliberately afraid of their future development.

of Course, You say that everyone is entitled to privacy and chubby girls and thin people, and indeed, men pay attention at all, and even stokilogrammovye ladies a lot of people like, and You're absolutely right, the question is not in kilograms, but in relation to itself. So it turns out that these character types are left alone, because their extra pounds is their shell that they can hide from the world, if only anything in my life to change, and in the meantime to justify himself in front of him and girlfriends "Yes, who am I needed?"

Fully explains the lack of a satisfactory relationship with its unattractive appearance and, at the same time is afraid that getting rid of excess weight will not solve its problems. As a result, he prefers to stay fat. If you belong to this category understand that a person is not considered attractive, if he does not consider himself as such. If you do not believe that can be interesting, why should you believe it the surrounding?

to be Continued. Your Lana

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