Surprisingly, it was problem with their own husbands are often the most difficult to be solved in the psychological aspect and as a consequence leading to weight gain. But on the other hand, such protective reaction to troubles in a relationship is almost never the problem of the unconscious, the girl herself understands why she's on the mend and what are the real causes. So once it is taken for "repair" in the relationship, she finally takes himself in hand and slowly begins to normalize, and even your own body.

so wives are fat because:

One of the options – the excess weight as a protection from the jealousy of the partner, the woman is fat and unattractive, to protect themselves from the attention of men, which causes attacks of her husband. " Yes, you look at me? Who me that look – except you?"

Often, a woman begins to rapidly gain weight after learning about her husband's infidelity. Thus, instead of trying to analyze the causes of the incident and make any conclusions, she's just trying to blame the loss of its appeal in his eyes. " serves you right, anyway you don't deserve anything better."

the Husband, as such, has long been tired, with her (in her opinion) no longer a man, but something in between, which does not cause any interest. Aloud, and even thought a woman never thinks, she just got used to it, but the subconscious says, "Yes, let rolls itself at least on all 4 sides, if he goes, or will go to the left, I won't be sad, I like a man, no longer interested, and indeed, the men I don't need".

And finally, when the husband is unfaithful. Very often, learning about adultery, the woman begins simply in a rapid pace to gain weight, trying, thus, as if to justify to themselves: "no Wonder he looks to the left, I'm not attractive".

to be continued. Your Lana

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