Fat is created after each meal obtained from carbohydrates and fats. 70% of eat carbohydrates enter the bloodstream and starts using them as energy sources within the next 6 hours. The remaining 30% of the carbohydrates are sent to the fat cells where the process of lipogenesis, are converted into fat.

All entering the body is broken down to glucose. If the food came a lot and the body can't use the excess glucose, from the glucose formed glycerolphosphate. In which the free fatty acids and triglycerides, that is fat.

On the membranes of fat cells have alpha receptors, they are responsible for storage of fat and beta-receptors, they are responsible for the expenditure. Ideally, the amount of alpha-receptors and beta-receptors must be equal. However, someone born with more or one or other receptors, someone during the life of their relationship changing. And what is especially not pleased that the ratio is changing in some parts of the body.

for Example, stress can lead to the "extinction" of the receptors in the stomach, and then formed tummy. (All from the stress!).

it Turns out that the basis of the extra "fatty" pounds is a violation of the energy exchange, which is the sum of:

how much your body can take energy; how much the body can conserve energy; how much the body will expend energy;

As the basis for extra "fat" pounds? About it in following articles.

the Desired energy balance. Lana

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